Has the Console Wars Gone Stagnant? [OPINION]

Opinion: Has The Console Wars Gone Stagnant?

Is there any place really to go left in the console war? Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo seem to do everything they can in this copycat industry. Sony and Microsoft’s consoles the PlayStation and Xbox go neck-to-neck when it comes to physical capabilities and adopting similar technology, while Nintendo’s achieved what they always wanted with the […]

WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are Free with PS Plus

WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are Free with PS Plus

Sony has announced that both the WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will be free for PlayStation Plus members next month. The WipEout Omega Collection combines WipEout 2048, WipEout HD and the HD Fury expansion and releases them into the wild on the PS4. From the PlayStation Blog: Race against the clock and other competitors to take home a […]


The PlayStation Classic Is Now Only $20 And Still Seems Pricey

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the PlayStation Classic but didn’t think it was worth the cash, you’ll be happy to hear it’s marked down again. The retro console has seen nothing but constant price drops since it was released back in December 2018, and now it’s reached a new low price-point […]

The Next PlayStation Will Reportedly Focus More On Mainstream Titles

Some interesting news from Sony if it happens to be correct which may be bad for indie developers when it comes to the next PlayStation’s future library. A new report in the Wall Street Journal says that sony is aiming more for hardcore gamers with their next incarnation of the console, whatever it may be […]

SDCC 2019: Five Panels That Can Save Hall H

SDCC 2019: Five Panels We Think Can Save Hall H

SDCC and Hall H. Even just typing that made the hair on my arms stand up. It truly is something you need to experience once in your lifetime. My first time in Hall H was to cover the Star Wars: Force Awakens panel in 2015, and just walking into the room and literally FEELING the […]

“Granblue Fantasy Versus” Will Come To PS4 in North America

Another fun pre-E3 announcement today came from XSEED Games who will bring Granblue Fantasy Versus to the PS4 in North America. Developed by Cygames, this is a straight-up fighting game brought to you by the people who developed Granblue Fantasy. The game will be available to check out at the XSEED Games booth at E3 […]

PlayStation Plus Prices Are Getting An Increase In Europe and Asia

If you happen to be a PlayStation Plus member in Europe or Asia, be aware, Sony is going to be implementing a price increase soon. The news comes from this forum post on PSN Profiles making its way around to several different websites, in which Sony has started alerting people in multiple countries that their […]

Watch Sony Race Dragon Mines in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

On their YouTube channel this week, PlayStation decided to show off a little more of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled with an old course. Here we get to watch Tim and Kristen from PlayStation underground make their way through the new and improved Dragon Mines along with Tom Wilson, the co-studio head for Beenox who joins […]


The PS5 Will Not Have A New Version Of PSVR At Release

Those of you who may be thinking we’re going to get a new version of the PSVR at launch with the whatever the PS5 is, it’s not happening. CNET had a brand new interview up this past week with Sony’s Global Head of R&D Dominic Mallinson, in which the question was put forth about what […]

PlayStation Releases a Blood & Truth Extended Gameplay Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been pretty quiet about Blood & Truth for the PSVR, but today we got an extended look at the gameplay. The video here was released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, showing off more of the gameplay before its released on May 28th. This isn’t just a run-through for your enjoyment, […]


Xbox and PlayStation Employees Just as Surprised about Streaming Deal

Microsoft and Sony shocked the gaming world last week when they announced a partnership deal to develop game streaming technology and host some of PlayStation’s online services on the Microsoft Azure program. However, it seems they also shocked some of their own employees, as the news came as a surprise to the Xbox and PlayStation […]

Sony Reveals a Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 During State Of Play

Sony Reveals a Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 During State Of Play

During their State Of Play video today, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a new Days of Play Limited Edition PS4. Much like they’ve done in the past with offering discounts on games and special offers during the summer, they will also be selling a 1TB PS4 Slim with a Dualshock controller. Sadly, that’s about all we […]

AWAY: The Survival Series Received a State Of Play Announcement Trailer

AWAY: The Survival Series Received a State Of Play Announcement Trailer

During Sony’s State Of Play stream today, we got a look at Breaking Walls’ new game coming this year with AWAY: The Survival Series. The game shows you as a creature in the wilderness trying to survive in a world where practically everything and every creature around you can and will kill you. The game […]

Sony Shows Off New Riverbond Trailer During State Of Play

Sony Shows Off New Riverbond Trailer During State Of Play

During today’s State Of Play video, Sony showed off a new video of Cococucumber’s Riverbond coming to the PS4 this summer. The game is a dungeon crawler that looks like a far prettier version of Minecraft, featuring solo adventuring, as well as drop-in/drop-out four-player local co-op where players “embark on a heroic campaign to rid […]

Sony's State of Play Reveals New MediEvil Gameplay and Story

Sony’s State of Play Reveals New MediEvil Gameplay and Story

Sony aired the second episode of their new “State of Play” stream series today, which unveiled some new gameplay for the remake of MediEvil in a brand new story trailer. We knew this gameplay was coming, so seeing it in the 10 minute stream wasn’t a surprise. That said, it looks awesome. The updated graphics and […]

Sony Reveals Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer

Sony Reveals Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailer

Seriously? You’re just leaving heavily armed military types to wander around in the jungle? Do you want Predators? Because this is how we get Predators, buddy! Sony just dropped the reveal trailer for Predator: Hunting Grounds at their Playstation: State of Play event. The game will be released in 2020, and is being developed by […]

EA Opens the EA Access Subscription Service to PS4 Customers

Electronic Arts announced today that it’s bringing the EA Access subscription service to PlayStation 4. Starting July, PS4 players can sign up for a monthly subscription or an annual subscription through the PlayStation Store. With the addition of the PS4, EA Access will now be available on almost all modern gaming platforms – PS4, Xbox […]


PlayStation’s State of Play Returns with MediEvil

Sony is hosting a new PlayStation State of Play video series to discuss MediEvil later this month. The first episode of “State of Play” debuted earlier this year in March, which makes this the second ever State of Play episode, which will drop later this week. Sony announced the new video earlier this morning, saying […]

Sony Announces Their Free Games For PlaySt

Sony Announces Their Free Games For PlayStation Plus in May 2019

Sony has finally released details about their free games that will be available to all PlayStation Plus members for May 2019. The two games that will be available for the rest of the month are the original Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch, both awesome games in their own right as you get one […]

You Won’t Be Seeing The PS5 From Sony Within The Next Year

If you were hoping to see whatever the next PlayStation/PS5 anytime soon, think again, as a new report says it will be a while. Takashi Mochizuki is a Wall Street Journal reporter based in Tokyo who usually has the scoop now and then on news out of Japan that we least expect to get. One […]