“Black Desert” On PS4 Gets New Awakened Skills For Striker & Tamer

The PS4 version of Black Desert just got two more classes with awakening skills as the Striker and Tamer are getting a boost in abilities. You can see the latest additions here along with some new additions to the game involving world bosses and fairy companions. Use your skills wisely on the battlefield! Striker Awakened […]

The “Blair Witch” Video Game Is Headed To The PS4

Some cool news for PS4 owners as they will get their chance to play the Blair Witch video game, which will be released for the console in December. Blooper Team made a brief statement and released an announcement video about it, which you can check out both below. The game has received strong praise since […]

"Planet Coaster: Console Edition" Announced For PS4 & Xbox One

“Planet Coaster: Console Edition” Announced For PS4 & Xbox One

Frontier Developments announced this week that their amusement park simulator Planet Coaster will be getting a console Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. The game has been doing well on PC the past few years including having several expansions like the recent Ghostbusters content. Now you can start building theme parks on console as the […]

To No One's Surprise, PlayStation Vue Is Going Away

To No One’s Surprise, PlayStation Vue Is Going Away

Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you legit used PlayStation Vue without it being a requirement? Can’t think of one? That’s why it’s going away. Sony announced through the PlayStation Blog that they would be cutting the service on January 20th, 2020. It’s been rumored for a while that the service would […]

"Days Gone" Will Be Getting New Difficulty Modes

Sony Bend Appears To Be Working On Their Next Exclusive Title

Sony Bend, the development studio behind Days Gone, appears to have already started work on their next PlayStation exclusive game. The website Push Square was the first to catch onto the news, as they noticed an employee of the company updated their LinkedIn account. According to the information, which as of when we wrote this […]

Spider-Man PS4 Thwips on Over with New Statue from PCS Collectibles 

PS4 Spider-Man Thwips On Over With New Statue From PCS Collectibles 

Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 was one of the greatest superhero games I personally have ever played. The depth that they took the character of this world and threw him into a new original setting was a breath of fresh air. While we did get to see elements of iconic characters like Dr. Octopus it was […]

Green Lantern Brings the Willpower in New XM Studios Statue

Spider-Man Gets His Anti-Ock Suit In The S.H. Figuarts Figure

Spider-Man got his own exclusive PlayStation for game release last year around this time. The game itself changed the idea of superheroes getting full feature games. Batman has done it before but we never really saw a good Marvel superhero game until now. S.H. Figuarts has announced that Spider-Man will be getting his Anti-Ock suit as […]

“Outer Wilds” Receives A PS4 Release Date This Month

Annapurna Interactive announced earlier today that they would finally be releasing Outer Wilds on the PS4, and it’s coming out this month. If you’re not familiar with it, the game is an open-world mystery title about a solar system trapped in an endless time loop. You launch yourself into space to figure out how to […]

The PlayStation 4 7.0 Update Will Be Released This Week

Sony will be releasing the 7.0 update for the PlayStation 4 sometime this week, and with it will come two major changes that should improve your experience. The big additions coming to your PS4 will be a party feature update as you’ll get an increase from 8 to 16 players, as well as remote play […]

Scuf Launches The Vantage 2 Controller For PC & PS4

Scuf Gaming Launches The Vantage 2 Controller For PC & PS4

This week, Scuf Gaming introduced their latest controller with the Vantage 2, being released for the PS4 and PC with a limited edition Modern Warfare version. The company released the details of the controller which feels like a slimmed-down and more-manageable version of the previous versions. We have the specs for you here along with […]

"PUBG" Launches Cross-Platform Play On Consoles Today

“PUBG” Launches Cross-Platform Play On Consoles Today

Major news for PS4 and Xbox One players as PUBG officially launched a new patch today that brings cross-platform play to both consoles. For the first time, players can bridge the gap and fight for chicken dinners across both systems. Plus, the 4.3 patch comes with a bunch of updates, including the new DBS gun […]

"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show

“Death Stranding” Multiplayer Won’t Require A PS+ Account

While we wait for Death Stranding to finally be released by Kojima Productions, we got at least one cool piece of news about it regarding multiplayer. Turns out, the PS4 exclusive title will not require you to buy a PlayStation Plus account in order to play the multiplayer content. MP1ST found this little tidbit on […]

"The Last Of Us Part II" Finally Receives A Release Date

“The Last of Us Part II” Gets A Video Talking About The Demo

Apparently, Naughty Dog decided to make a video about their upcoming demo for The Last of Us Part II and where we pick up the story. You can check out the video below, but the short version is that we pick up in a snowy territory five years later as Ellie carries on with her […]

Techland Shows Off "Arise" During Sony's State Of Play

Techland Shows Off “Arise” During Sony’s State Of Play

Among the many announcements made during Sony’s State Of Play livestream yesterday, an unexpected one came from Techland with Arise. The company is primarily known for the Dying Light series, which they’re currently planning the sequel out for now along with Square Enix. But Arise is a totally different beast that seemed to have come […]

"Black Desert" For PS4 Is Receiving A Second Major Update

“Black Desert” For PS4 Is Receiving A Second Major Update

This morning, Pearl Abyss announced that they would be sending out the second major update to the PS4 version of Black Desert. We have the full details for you here, as well as three new trailers showing off the new additions to the game. The short version is that a new Awakening feature is being […]

"Civilization VI" Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode No One Asked For

“Sid Meier’s Civilization VI” Marches Onto PS4 and Xbox One This Winter

After appearing on PC, Nintendo Switch and iPad, Civilization VI advances to the only territories it has left to conquer: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was announced today that the acclaimed simulation game, Civilization VI would be launching on PS4 and Xbox One this November. Although the port is showing up late, as Civilization […]

Sony Announces New PSVR Game "Humanity" On "State Of Play"

Sony Announces New PSVR Game “Humanity” On “State Of Play”

Today during the State Of Play livestream, Sony announced a new PSVR title from Enhance and Tha* by the name of Humanity. The game looks pretty interesting as it puts human behavior into weird little scenarios. While there’s no hard information on the game, Yugo Nakamura, the founder of Tha* LTD., posted an entry on […]

"MediEvil" Remake Demo Launches On PS4

“MediEvil” Remake Demo Launches On PS4 Today

During Sony’s State of Play event on Tuesday, the company announced a demo for the MediEvil remake that’s available on the Playstation Store starting today! The demo, which is dubbed MediEvil- Short-Lived, launches today and will expire on October 7. It features a brief level from the game’s opening act, allowing undecided players to test […]

Night School Studio Announces "Afterparty"

“Afterparty” Receives An Official Launch Trailer For PS4

Sony revealed during their State Of Play livestream, we got an official launch trailer for Afterparty along with some new information on the game. The game will be coming out on October 29th, 2019 for the PS4, but more to the point, we got a full cast listing! Among the voice actors for this will […]

Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Announced

Limited Edition “Death Stranding” PS4 Pro Announced

Sony has announced a limited Death Stranding PS4 Pro console. The special system will be available the same day as the upcoming game and will include quite a few nifty features. The Death Stranding special console bundle will cost $399.99. It will come packaged with a 1 TB PS4 Pro, a special Translucent Orange Dualshock 4, and a […]