Dan DiDio Congratulates Tom King on Batman Selling 100K+ for 50 Issues

Dan DiDio Congratulates Tom King on Batman Selling 100K+ for 50 Issues

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In the modern superhero comics landscape, it’s not easy for a comic to break the 100,000 issue sales barrier. Only a few titles come close on a regular basis, and even fewer if one factors out #1 issue reboots, super-mega-crossover events, incentive-variant-fueled ponzi schemes, or loot crate boosts. But Batman seems to have the magic touch, according to writer Tom King.

King posted on Twitter that he was congratulated by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio on the title selling more than 100,000 copies for 50 issues:

Well, that X-Men #1 is priced to sell in the 25 cent bin, so Batman’s accomplishment is still notable. It also raises some questions about existing sales estimates, as Comichron lists March’s Batman #42 as selling just under 94,000 copies and Batman #43 selling less than 92,000. In fact, one need travel back to the site’s October 2017 estimates to find an issue of Batman estimated to sell over 100,000 copies. Of course, those numbers are estimates based on Diamond’s sales rankings, and might exclude sales factored into Didio’s number (or might simply be incorrect — the industry does not release actual sales numbers).

In any case, we’re inclined to believe DC knows what they’re talking about here, so congrats to everyone who’s worked on Batman over the past 50 issues. Did they all receive personal calls from Dan the Man? At the very least, we’re betting they all got their comps.

Batman #45 Cover by Tony S. Daniel

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