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DC Goes All In on Reprints with 100-Page Giants, Dollar Comics, Facsimile Editions, Crisis Box Set

DC Goes All In on Reprints at SDCC Retailer Lunch, Didio Be Damned

It seems like it was just yesterday when DC Publisher Dan Didio decried the popularity of facsimile editions and other interest in DC’s back catalog, as he feels the publisher should be able to do a better job of pushing new stories to customers. Actually, it was just yesterday. Hmm. Nevertheless, DC is going all […]

DC Officially Rebrands, Dropping Vertigo

Report: Dan Didio Mad People Are Buying the Facsimile Editions DC Publishes

In what has to be a first for the comic book industry, a high-ranking comic book executive is upset at comic book readers… for purchasing the company’s comics?! DC Comics publisher Dan Didio complained at the Meet the Publishers panel at San Diego Comic-Con that too many people are buying DC’s facsimile edition reprints. According […]

Dan Didio to Write Metal Men with Shane Davis at DC in October

Dan Didio to Write Metal Men with Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki at DC in October

It looks like Rich Johnston’s guess that a whiteboard featuring a bunch of chicken scratch from DC Publisher Dan Didio was a list of DC’s Comic-Con announcements was incorrect. Instead, the whiteboard appeared to represent the outline for a new 12-issue Metal Men series written by Didio, with art by Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki. […]

Dan DiDio Has a New Cover for Frank Miller's Superman: Year One

Dan DiDio Reveals a New Cover for Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One

Dan DiDio, DC Comics publisher, posted a random titbit on Facebook, stating, It’s that time of day for “Random stuff on desk that makes me happy.” And in doing so, showing off a previously unseen cover to Superman: Year One by Frank Miller, John Romita, Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair. It shows the young Clark […]

Diane Nelson, Dan DiDio and Drinks…

Last year, Diane Nelson, formerly president of DC Entertainment, joined Jeffrey Katzenberg’s short-form video publisher/distributor/platform Quibi. She joined former HP CEO Meg Whitman and former co-president and CCO of The Hollywood Reporter Janice Min. And somehow the Hollywood Reporter had that scoop. They have been making lots of announcements over deals for ten minute video […]

News From the Future: Planet Honors Bat Overlords on Anniversary of Batman Day

March 30th, 2029 – World leaders gathered on Monday in New Gotham, the city formerly known as Austin, Texas, capital of the Bat-Empire, to pay tribute to the most powerful and terrifying military force the planet has ever known. Dozens of presidents, prime ministers, and monarchs heaped praise and riches upon his gloriousness winged excellence, […]

DC Comics to End Their Exclusive Walmart 100-Page Giant Comics Line

Over the last year, DC Comics has been publishing an exclusive line of 100 Page Giant Comics through Walmarts- first four a month and recently six a month-  Superman, Batman, Flash, Titans, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman. Each features reprint material across DC’s line as well as brand new exclusive-to-Walmart stories by some of DC Comics’ leading and […]

DC Meet the Publishers Slide 2

DC Meet the Publishers Panel is Lively as Always at NYCC

by Octavio Karbank It’s that time of year again when comic book enthusiasts converge from across the globe to attend New York Comic Con. It’s when you see major publishers like DC Comics coming down to promote a bunch of their work, both new and old. Today was no different as at the DC Meet […]

Brian Michael Bendis Went Over His Page Count for Man of Steel #6

Tomorrow, readers of Man of Steel will finally get to see what the hell happened in that flashback sequence drawn by Jason Fabok that’s been repeated in every issue so far, but they’ll also be getting something else as a bonus: free extra pages. “The Great One” Brian Michael Bendis was interviewed by DCComics.com, and […]

Jim Lee Addresses Public Following DC Management Shake-Up

Superstar artist, DC executive, and Marvel variant cover artist Jim Lee took to Twitter to address the public following his promotion to Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment after Geoff “Jeff” Johns stepped down to focus on writing. Lee, as previously reported, will continue as co-publisher… actually, make that publisher… of DC Comics as well. With […]

Dan DiDio Congratulates Tom King on Batman Selling 100K+ for 50 Issues

In the modern superhero comics landscape, it’s not easy for a comic to break the 100,000 issue sales barrier. Only a few titles come close on a regular basis, and even fewer if one factors out #1 issue reboots, super-mega-crossover events, incentive-variant-fueled ponzi schemes, or loot crate boosts. But Batman seems to have the magic touch, according […]

Curse of Former DC Comics Office Building Tightens Grip on Throat of Jared Kushner

Bleeding Cool has been telling you for months that the thing that will finally bring down Donald Trump‘s presidency will be the cursed former DC Comics office building now owned by Jared Kushner‘s investment company: 666 Fifth Avenue. When we last checked in on the status of the 666 Fifth Avenue’s ancient curse and its […]