Sea of Thieves is Microsoft's Fastest-Selling New IP This Generation

Sea of Thieves is Microsoft’s Fastest-Selling New IP This Generation

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Sea of Thieves is officially the fastest-selling new IP from Microsoft this console generation, it has been revealed.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has had an interesting launch. The game is being talked about all over, receiving mixed reviews from both the critics and the fans. On top of that, it’s also been the first big Microsoft release to grace Game Pass day and date of release, so many are playing even without having bought the title. It’s been pretty fascinating to see the discourse and sentiment evolve in the ensuing days from its release.

Well, Microsoft are claiming that the game has done pretty well by their count. In a release, they say that Sea of Thieves is the fastest selling Microsoft new IP this generation.While that isn’t a huge list, it does mean the title has surpassed the likes of Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. To add to this, this claim is unaffected by users using Game Pass, as confirmed by Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg on Twitter:

What will be affected by Games Pass is the impressive number that the game has been played by 2 million players since release. Many of those as previously stated, will be playing on Game Pass. That does mean, it’s not clear exactly what this means for the game. The 2 million figure won’t translate to hard sales, and conversely, it’s not clear how many new Game Pass members the game has driven. It does seem what we know is that a lot of people have played the game though. The title topped retail charts in the UK too, so it seems it’s doing alright. Seeing how the game retains a player base will be the real question here. On those figures, we will have to wait.

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