Could Justice League’s Snyder Cut Deleted Scene Be Less Than 2 Minutes Long?

Another shot has been fired in the war between Warner Bros. and DCEU fans who demand a Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League. With the home video release of Justice League on the horizon, Snyder Cut aficionados, known by the colloquial nickname Snyderbronies, were looking to a special feature promising deleted scenes centered on Superman for hope that a Snyder Cut might still be possible, and that fans could get a taste of it on the Blu-Ray. Here’s how the deleted scenes were described:

The Return of Superman

Bonus scenes not seen in theaters

The neck-snapping Randian Superman from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has always been the centerpiece of Zack Snyder’s vision, so if any deleted scenes were likely to remain true to that vision, and not bespoiled by the reshoots of alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon, it would be the ones focused on Superman.

However, according to a rumor from the Blu-ray forums, these bonus scenes might be no longer than 1 minute and 52 seconds. A post there claims to have the runtimes for the special features:

  • The return of Superman 01:51
  • The heart of Justice League 11:20
  • Scene studies: Heroes Park 04:40
  • Justice League: New heroes 11:49
  • Scene studies: Revisiting the Amazons 03:20
  • The road to justice 13:32
  • Steppenwolf, the conqueror 02:51
  • Suit up: The look of Justice League 09:50
  • The technology of Justice League 07:50
  • Scene studies: The tunnel battle 03:19
  • Scene studies: Wonder Woman’s rescue 03:02

If these times turn out to be correct, that means that Warner Bros. has condensed Zack Snyder’s Vision into less than two minutes, which would be both an insult and a huge disappointment to Snyderbronies, who have recently launched an entire website dedicated to proving the existence of a Snyder Cut and demonstrating the demand for one.

Hopefully, this rumor turns out to be false and The Return of Superman will actually be a three hour cut of the full movie showcasing Snyder’s Vision, but with Warner Bros.’s dismissive behavior of Snyderbronies, failing to even acknowledge the historic march on Burbank to demand a Snyder Cut earlier this month, we’re not getting out hopes up.

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