Release the Snyder Cut!

The Snyder Cut, a mythical version of the film Justice League which contains the raw, uncut brilliance of Zack Snyder’s Vision, is locked in a Warner Bros vault, and those @#$%##&s refuse to release it! Bleeding Cool chronicles the quest of Snyderbronies, hardcore fans of the DCEU, to finally get their hands on it.

Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut

Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut

You cannot have avoided the fact that Bleeding Cool ‘reporter’ (and I use that term advisedly) Jude Terror has a bit of a thing about the cut of the Justice League movie put together by the movie’s original director Zack Snyder before he left the project and Joss Whedon took over, reshot and re-edited. He […]

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Will Invisible Woman #5 Give Us the Snyder Cut of Sue Richards?

If anything could be said about The Invisible Woman, it’s that she’s clearly not grim and gritty enough. Sue Richards needs an edge, a dark side, a Snyder Cut, if you will. Well, Marvel has heard the fan outcry for a grimmer, grittier Invisible Woman, and Invisible Woman #5, the conclusion of the mini-series that […]

“Thor 4”: Taika Waititi to Write and Direct Sequel, “Akira” Delayed Again

“Thor 4”: Taika Waititi Set to Write, Direct Sequel; “Akira” Delayed Again

Taika Waititi has signed a deal to write and direct Thor 4, the sequel to his megahit Thor: Ragnarok, with Chris Hemsworth expected to return… though he probably won’t be playing “Lewbowski Thor” with the beer gut. This means Waititi’s remake of Akira for Warner Brothers is on hiatus. That remake, which nobody is excited about, […]

“Suicide Squad 2:” Storm Reid May Join, Won’t Confirm Snyder Cut

Most of us know Storm Reid for her work in A Wrinkle in Time, but, according to Variety, you might be seeing her play the daughter of Idris Elba’s character in James Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad 2. Reid will be joining Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, and Viola Davis in the film. Pete, the […]

CD Warner Bros' New HBO Max Streaming Service Succeed Without the Snyder Cut?

Can Warner Bros’ New HBO Max Streaming Service Succeed Without the Snyder Cut?

Today, Warner Bros finally announced their highly-anticipated streaming service, HBO Max, teasing content including Game of Thrones, Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Pretty Little Liars, and a multitude of content from various Warner-owned content producers. But does the success of HBO Max hinge on Warner Bros’ willingness to release the Snyder Cut of […]

Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin

Rob Liefeld Wants Warner Bros to Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League

Last month, superstar comic book artist Rob Liefeld predicted the implosion of DC Comics, but this week, the Robster had a suggestion for how DC parent company Warner Bros could earn some goodwill from fans. Liefeld took to Twitter on Wednesday to call on Warner Bros to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League. C’mon, […]

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Snyder Cut Destroyer Joss Whedon Lashes Out at Bernie Bros

In 2017, alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon took over the reins of Warner Bros’ Justice League movie from director Zack Snyder, who had to leave the project due to a personal tragedy. Whedon promised to remain true to Snyder’s vision for the movie, but it quickly became clear that Whedon’s goal was to eliminate all […]

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The Snyder Cut is Real, Says Zack Snyder, and It’s Apparently 214 Minutes Long

Last week at an event promoting the directors’ cuts of all of Zack Snyder’s movies save one very important one, we learned about Snyder’s thoughts on superheroes killing, specifically that people who don’t think superheroes kill and commit atrocities should “wake the f**k up.” It’s a sentiment with which it’s veritably impossible for any sane, […]

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Enraged Zack Snyder Lashes Out at People Who Don’t Think Superheroes Kill

For far too long, Snyderbronies, the hardcore fans of director Zack Snyder’s vision of the DCEU, have demanded that Warner Bros release The Snyder Cut, a version of the movie Justice League which preserves Zack Snyder’s Vision, only to watch their pleas go unanswered by the heartless corporate bean counters at Warner Bros. But could […]

Report: Grant Morrison and Ezra Miller to Write The Flash Movie

Hiya, folks! Your pal Jude Terror here, filling in for the regular Bleeding Cool film crew who are unavailable right now and asked us to fill in to cover this breaking news, a decision which we’re sure they’ll regret in the morning. So here’s the story. Ezra Miller, the star of Warner Bros’ beleaguered and […]

Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ for Netflix: Las Vegas Heist Zombies

We are very pleased to report that Zack Snyder is returning to filmmaking with a brand new project for Netflix- with zombies, and blackjack! Army of the Dead, which will reportedly start shooting sometime this year, is set amid a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, during which “a man assembles a group of mercenaries to take […]

Did Bryan Hill Just Announce His Retirement from Comics?

Bryan Hill is still in the process of conquering comic books, coming off a run on Detective Comics to a (delayed) Batman and the Outsiders series at DC, writing Killmonger for Marvel, and of course writing American Carnage at Vertigo and more Postal at Top Cow. And he does have what he calls a “SPECIAL” […]

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3 Last Minute Gifts for Superhero Fans You Can’t Get on Christmas Eve

Christmas is just one day away, which means if you haven’t shown your loved ones you care by engaging in rampant consumerism to purchase them the latest gadgets, toys, and/or doohickeys, you’re royally screwed! Seriously, why are you wasting your time reading clickbait listicles on the internet when you should be at the store shopping?! […]

Venom: Better Than Watchmen, More Successful Than Justice League?

We all know that Venom, the comic book series by global entertainment superstar Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman, is better than Watchmen, the seminal work of comics wizard Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons (not to be confused with Moore’s fish-semenal work, Neonomicon). But in a shocking twist this past weekend, Venom (the movie) has […]

#RehireJamesGunn Devotees Throw Down Fandom Gauntlet with Disneyland Billboard

Gunnbronies, the hardcore devotees of controversial director James Gunn, have launched a challenge to rival obsessed fandoms such as the Snyderbronies, the hardcore fans of Zack Snyder’s DCEU, by fundraising a billboard outside Disneyland demanding the entertainment giant rehire Gunn to direct the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Gunn, who was an outspoken critic […]