Nintendo Will Be Closing Miitomo in May

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Nintendo has announced that it will be stopping support for Miitomo starting today and leading to eventual close of the app in May.

Miitomo was a big deal when it came out. While the ‘game’ part of it left a lot to be desired, it was Nintendo’s first foray into mobile. At the time, with a struggling Wii U, it looked like the company was diversifying. Of course, since then the Switch has come out and set the world on fire, meaning that Nintendo’s outlook looks completely different, but whatever happens next, Miitomo will always be in the history books as Nintendo’s first mobile game.

Sadly, the app is now on its last legs. The company has announced it will be stopping support for the title starting today, as you are no longer able to buy ‘Miitomo coins’. the app’s currency. You can still earn them in-game but only until May 9, 2018. After that, the service will conclude entirely.

It doesn’t feel all that long ago that Miitomo came out. In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it wasn’t. It’s a shame the game just didn’t have enough to really keep players coming back. It was certainly a fun curio, but unfortunately, now it is on its last legs. The question of where Nintendo go from here on mobile is an interesting one as each of its titles thus far have had some big caveats. With the Switch doing so well, one has to wonder how much effort Nintendo keeps putting into mobile. However, as I said before, it has its place in history. Here’s to you, you weird little social game.

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