NIntendo Switch Sold 1.5 Million Consoles in December

NIntendo Switch Sold 1.5 Million Consoles in December

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It’s been announced that the Nintendo Switch sold a staggering 1.5 million units last month in the US.

We’ve been hearing the Nintendo Switch has done really well all through the last few weeks. It supposedly claimed the title for fastest-selling console in the US ever, and it continues to showcase its popularity with each new figure released. Nintendo hasn’t been shy throwing them out, either, and why would they be? They are excellent.

The latest figures come from the company who put out a statement before NPD numbers hit tonight. They say that during December, the console sold an impressive 1.5 million units. This is on top of the 4.8 million in total we knew about previously.

The Nintendo Switch’s success seems to be rubbing off on other Nintendo consoles, too (well, besides the poor Wii U). The 3DS also sold 750,000 units, which is a distinct increase over 2016 and the best December the console has posted since 2014.

To think how quickly this has all turned around is staggering. Barely 12 months ago, Nintendo seemed fairly limp with a Wii U console that didn’t sell very well and doubts about the incoming console. Well, the Switch and its fabulous game lineup has most definitely been the success the company needed. It’s exciting to see Nintendo up there once again, not only competing, but also beating competitors. How this will affect Microsoft and Sony, if at all, remains to be seen, but here’s hoping it only makes for a positive outcome in the industry.

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