Night in the Woods is Coming to Nintendo Switch Very Soon

Night in the Woods is Coming to Nintendo Switch Very Soon

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One of last year’s indie darlings, Night in the Woods, is about to make the hop over to the hot Nintendo Switch.

The title captured a lot of hearts last year, telling the story of a character in their early twenties coming home after being away for a few years at college. It’s very… familiar to a lot of people who have been through that, and at least for me, I found it to be a really empathetic title. It nails what it is going for perfectly.

Soon, you’ll be able to play it on the move too. It’s been announced by developer Infinite Fall that the game will be making its way to Nintendo Switch in just a few weeks. You should mark February 1st on your calendar if you want in. The game will see all additional content brought in as in the Weird Autumn Edition, and what is more, there will be a little extra content too like new dialogue options. You can see the announcement trailer for the version here, which runs through a lot of the locations of the game but thankfully doesn’t have anything too spoiler-y. Take a look:

If you’ve not picked up Night in the Woods, having the game on Switch seems like a perfect home for it. It’s a wonderfully low-key adventure game that will pull at your heartstrings, but not usually ask the player to complete complex gameplay sections making it perfect for a commute. Enjoy this one. I know I did.

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