And Now Iceman is Confirmed Canceled Too

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Iceman writer Sina Grace confirmed on Twitter tonight that Iceman has been canceled with March’s Iceman #11. Grace’s post comes after speculation about the book’s future due to the finality of its solicit, as well as the confirmed cancellation of Hawkeye, Generation X, and Gwenpool, as well as the suspected cancellation of America, Luke Cage, and Defenders. You can still buy Avengers 4 times a month though, so there’s that we guess.

In his response to fans, Grace moves through several stages of grief quickly before settling on acceptance. He also notes that this isn’t the end of his work at Marvel. Read his handwritten letter below:


Here’s the solicit for the final issue of Iceman, out in March:

• After the shocking events of last issue, Iceman is on the trail of a powerful new mutant that can’t get his abilities under control…
• Will the Xavier Institute have a new student or will Iceman do the unthinkable?
• Kitty’s offer still stands: Is Iceman ready for his own team of X-Men?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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