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Sina Grace on Writing Iceman at Marvel: "I Was Surrounded by Cowards"

Sina Grace on Writing Iceman at Marvel: “I Was Surrounded by Cowards”

As has been documented in various Bleeding Cool articles throughout the course of the book’s two series, one of my personal favorite X-Men comics of the past few years was Iceman, written by Sina Grace, and drawn it its first volume by Alessandro Vitti and Robert Gill and in its second and concluding one-shot by […]

Iceman Gets an Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End One-Shot in February

Fans already mourning the coming end of Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman’s excellent Iceman mini-series will get a reprieve with one extra Iceman comic coming in February. Revealed EX-X-XCLUSIVELY on Adventures in Poor Taste, Grace and Stockman will bring their chilly hero to a one-shot called Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End. The website also has an […]

Iceman #1 cover by W. Scott Forbes

Iceman #1 Review: A Very Welcome Return

Iceman is back and stopping Hell’s Kitchen from getting lit up by a madman with Molotov Cocktails! After finishing that, Bobby finds a missing persons poster for a Morlock. He takes it to Kitty, who says she’ll get him a team. The team ends up being just Bishop, but that’s enough. Bobby and Bishop go […]

Sina Grace Says Capitalism to Blame for the Return of Iceman

Back in June, we learned that the cult-favorite Iceman comic would return with a five-issue miniseries in September after being unceremoniously canceled as part of a massive culling across Marvel’s lineup. In an interview with Newsarama, writer Sina Grace revealed the reason why Marvel decided to bring the book back. Blame capitalism! The original series […]

[Breaking] New Iceman #1 Villain, Plus More Series Details Revealed at SDCC 2018

Info and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Marcos Salinas: Sina Grace‘s Iceman is make a return at Marvel to the delight of those of us who like… well, just damn good comic books. Today at San Diego Comic-Con, we are learning more details about the returned series. First and foremost, we have the first villain: Mister Sinister. That’s […]

Now Iceman Returns in September, from Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman

Following up on yesterday’s news that Unstoppable Wasp would return from Marvel in September, the House of Ideas today announced that Iceman, whose solo was canceled back in December 2017, will return with another volume (and a shiny new #1 issue) in September, by writer Sina Grace and TMNT villain Nathan Stockman. It’s almost as if… […]

Iceman #11 Cover by Kevin Wada

Iceman #11 Review: A Beautiful End to a Solid Series

Iceman and Rictor answer a request from Bobby’s mom. One of their neighbors, who’s known for being a recluse, has possibly manifested mutant powers. Energy is emanating from his house, and Iceman and Rictor must gently break the news to the man, if they can survive his powers. Another excellent book reaching its premature end, […]

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LGBTQ+ Superhero Comic The Pride Returns to Kickstarter Featuring Guest Writer Sina Grace

The Pride Adventures #5 has launched on Kickstarter, the latest from writer/creator and former Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Glass, and the first collection of new stories with The Pride characters since The Pride and The Pride Adventures were collected in Hardcover back in 2016. The issue features a story by guest-writer Sina Grace, of Iceman fame. […]

Iceman #10 cover by Kevin Wada

Iceman #10 Review: A Good Story Despite its On-the-Nose Moral

Idie and Michaela arrive at the X-Mansion just in time to see the chaos that has come down on the X-Men. They find Judah bleeding out in the foyer and Iceman and Daken, the Son of Wolverine, fighting it out across the mansion. Meanwhile, many of the school’s younger students are fighting for their lives […]

Iceman #9 cover by Kevin Wada

Iceman #9 Review: Daken Crashes Iceman’s Party

The X-Men are throwing a going-away party for Iceman, and Bobby is bringing Judah to celebrate. Unfortunately, Bobby and Kitty Pryde are still on bad terms. Elsewhere, Daken and Zach are planning something heinous for Iceman, Judah, and the X-Men. This is an emotional yet tense chapter in the story of Iceman. He has a […]

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David F. Walker Confirms Luke Cage’s Cancellation Due to Poor Sales

Writer David F. Walker just confirmed that Marvel’s Luke Cage title will be cancelled after February. We at Bleeding Cool were already speculating this due to its noticeable absence from the Marvel March 2018 solicits, and Walker just made it official on Twitter. Sad but true…LUKE CAGE (the comic book, not the TV series) has been cancelled. Issue #10 […]

And Now Iceman is Confirmed Canceled Too

Iceman writer Sina Grace confirmed on Twitter tonight that Iceman has been canceled with March’s Iceman #11. Grace’s post comes after speculation about the book’s future due to the finality of its solicit, as well as the confirmed cancellation of Hawkeye, Generation X, and Gwenpool, as well as the suspected cancellation of America, Luke Cage, […]