Marvel Unveils First 10 Of The Phoenix Variant Covers Coming In December

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We mentioned there’d be a Phoenix variant cover scheme coming in December to tie in with the release of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (you know, the adult one), written by now Marvel Exclusive Matthew Rosenberg and with art by Leinil Francis Yu.

Phoenix Variants
Amazing Spider-Man cover by Ryan Stegman

Well, Marvel have decided to show off the first 10 of these covers, coming with All New Wolverine, Avengers, Daredevil, Punisher, Amazing Spider-Man, Falcon, Venom, Spider-Gwen, Thanos and Spirits of Vengeance.

You can check out the covers below.

All New Wolverine cover by Jen Bartel
Avengers cover by Brent Shoonover
Daredevil cover by David Lopez

What will be interesting to see is if any of these one off costume redesigns will get picked up and run with by the cosplaying community quite like Spider-Gwen and Gwenpool did, which led to those mini-series characters/variant cover ideas becoming brand new ongoing characters in the Marvel Universe.

Falcon cover by David Nakayama
The Punisher cover by Sanford Greene
Spider-Gwen cover by Yasmine Putri

Rosenberg knows what an honour it is to be wielding the power of life and fire incarnate and bringing it back to the Marvel Universe. He says of the series:

“It’s such a mind-blowing honor to bring back the original Jean Grey. I’ve been an X-Men fan my whole life and Jean is, in my mind, the true soul of the X-Men. So we aren’t taking this lightly. We’re going for that perfect balance of universe shaking epic and intimate personal drama that only the X-Men ever truly achieve. This is all hands on deck for the X-Men as every available member heads into battle for the soul of their team and maybe even the fate of the Marvel Universe.”

Spirits of Vengeance cover by Francesco Mattina
Thanos cover by Rahzzah
Venom cover by Tyler Crook

Among these covers, we can also expect variants for Astonishing X-Men, Black Panther, Captain America, Champions, Despicable Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredible Hulk, Iron Fist, Mighty Thor, Old Man Logan, and She-Hulk.

Artists involved in adding the cosmic flamebird to the Marvel heroes include Kris Anka, Ken Lashley, Ron Lim, Elizabeth Torque, RB Silva, Erica Henderson, Dan Mora, Chris Burnham, Ben Caldwell, and the always-in-work TBD!

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