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New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select

New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select

Marvel fans were woken up to a surprise today as Diamond Select Toys had dropped a nice variety of statue announcements. If you didn’t know Diamond Select Toys creates some of the best statues around that don’t break the bank. They are filled with detail and are of high quality and would expect a higher […]

X-Men #3 [Preview]

Jean and Emma to the Death… in Verbal Combat?! X-Men #3 [Preview]

X-Men #3 is hitting stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu, and in the preview below, it looks like things are finally coming to a head between Jean Grey and Emma Frost after Cyclops spurned Emma in order to be in a three-way relationship with Wolverine, who has two dicks, […]

Jonathan Hickman Defends Jean Grey's Costume in Coded Message

Jonathan Hickman Defends Jean Grey’s Costume in Coded Message

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman took to Twitter Tuesday with a coded message in defense of Jean Grey’s costume. Ditching the costume she had been wearing in X-Men Red, Jean appears in House of X #1 in her classic green miniskirt Marvel Girl costume. Hickman posted an image of Phil Noto’s House of X #1 variant […]

Dark Phoenix Has Been Resurrected and Is Here from Kotobukiya

Dark Phoenix Has Been Resurrected with New Kotobukiya Statue [PREVIEW]

“The Dark Phoenix Saga” is a classic X-Men story that most comic fans know. The creation of the Phoenix showed the fall of Jean Grey one of the beloved original X-Men. Jean Grey’s time as the Phoenix did conclude with her death and it was a death that stayed around for decades in Marvel Comics. […]

Funko Round-Up: X-Men, Santa Clause, and Funko Field Opens!

Funko Round-Up: X-Men, Santa Clause, and Funko Field Opens!

Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition, we take a look at new Marvel 80th anniversary Pops, two new Disney holiday Pops coming soon, and […]

Here's Why We're Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in 'Dark Phoenix'

Here’s Why We’re Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in ‘Dark Phoenix’

Yes, we know, we’re bagging a lot on Dark Phoenix before even seeing it, and it’s partially because we’re not getting big giant parts of the celestial being’s story.  Things like….Lilandra and the Shi’ar (although we may still be getting the Shi’ar?) and the other big one- The Hellfire Club. We were of course, semi-hoping that […]

New 'Dark Phoenix' Poster, Teases of Monday May 13th X-Men Day

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster, Teases of Monday May 13th X-Men Day

Sounds like Monday May 13th will again be X-Men Day, at least according to The Walt Disney Company’s Dark Phoenix poster drop from this morning. Yes. We’ll let that sink in a bit more- Disney’s post about an X-Men film. This morning’s post featured a brand-new poster for the last of the Fox-lead X-Films: DARK PHOENIX- […]

Bishop Was Originally Supposed to Sleep with Storm, Not Jean Grey, in Age of X-Man

Bishop Was Originally Supposed to Sleep with Storm, Not Jean Grey, in Age of X-Man

We’ve often called Age of X-Man: Prisoner X the best out of all the Age of X-Man mini-series. It’s a psychological thriller set in a prison and starring longtime fan-favorite X-Men character Bishop, written by Vita Ayala with art by German Peralta, and makes excellent use of the concept of an alternate reality “utopia” where […]

New 'Dark Phoenix' TV Spot: "The Power and the Pain"

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ TV Spot: “The Power and the Pain”

Yet another tv spot for Dark Phoenix has made it’s way onto the internet, and we’re still not sure how we feel about the film. Reports from last week claimed the last round of reshoots for the film had moved the “epic final battle” from space to a…..train car. At first, we thought maybe this […]

BossLogic's New 'Dark Phoenix' Poster is GORGEOUS

BossLogic’s New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster is GORGEOUS

You know that thing when sometimes the “not official” artwork for an upcoming film is more evocative and visually appealing than the studio-released stuff? Yeah, well, once again BossLogic has done exactly that with this Dark Phoenix poster for what will no doubt be the final Fox X-Men release. DARK PHOENIX- The X-MEN face their most formidable […]

Marvel's Jordan White Says the Wedding of Jean Grey and Scott Summer Never Happened

X-Men Editor Says the Wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey Never Happened

Power-mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White dropped a major bombshell in his latest X-Men Monday column at Adventures in Poor Taste. White revealed that not only would the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey be officially dissolved due to the fact that both of them spent a considerable amount of time being dead, but […]

Jean Grey Gets a Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

Jean Grey Gets a Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

Jean Grey is the latest X-Men character to recieve a Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles. The statue will release in two versions: a regular edition for $565 and a Sideshow Exclusive for $585 that features a variant face portrait and Phoenix powered hands. The statue is 21 inches tall and features jean in her […]

Sophie Turner Shows Off Phoenix-Inspired New Tattoo

Sophie Turner is no stranger to tattoos- the Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix actress has several- and she just shared an image of her most recent piece of skin art. Turner has appeared as Marvel Comics character from the X-Men world Jean Grey, aka Phoenix in FOX films X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming Dark Phoenix. Apparently, the experience left a […]

An International Teaser Trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ Hits

Usually, an international trailer or teaser trailer for a big studio release will have some new footage, a different take, or a different song- but this new teaser for FOX’s upcoming Dark Phoenix doesn’t have any of that, really. Its more of the same (which isn’t bad), with a skin of subtitles: Back in […]

Comics-Inspired New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster from Brazil Comic Con

The jury is still out on just how high X-Men fan expectations should be for FOX’s upcoming Dark Phoenix film, but we have to say, this new poster is pretty great. The comics-inspired one sheet was released during Brazil Comic Con, and features the likenesses of James McAvoy as Professor Xaiver, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, and Michael Fassbender […]