Chip Kidd’s New Batman Project To Be Previewed In September’s CBLDF Defender

CBLDF Defender is a giveaway comic bought in bulk by comic book stores at FCBD-or-less prices, to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, September’s issue, with an Olivier Copiel Thor cover talks to Thor’s writer Jason Aaron about comics, censorship, and his latest projects. But also exclusive to the magazine will be a sneak peek at Chip Kidd‘s latest Batman project for the CBLDF…. no more information about this to date.

Kidd has written and designed book covers for several DC Comics publications, including The Complete History of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, The Golden Age of DC Comics: 365 Days, and Jack Cole and Plastic Man. He also designed Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross and wrote an exclusive Batman/Superman story illustrated by Alex Ross for the book. In 1996, Kidd designed and wrote Batman: Collected. Kidd also worked with fellow Batman collector Saul Ferris on another book of a more particular subject, Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan, which was released for sale in October 2008. In 2010, Kidd collaborated with the writing staff of the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold on the episode Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases. The episode contained a segment that was heavily inspired by the Batman cartoon from the 1960s. And in 2012 he wrote Batman: Death by Design with art by Dave Taylor. Recently he designed a new cover for Dark Knight III.

And now he looks like he has a new… Bat-Thing. Maybe something that might be announced at San Diego Comic-Con?

chip kidd batman

Thanks to Evan for the typo check.

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