The Top 11 Comics Being Used In Schools Today

The Top 11 Comics Being Used In Schools Today – and How They Are Being Used

Results of a survey released by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the industry’s leading voice for free speech advocacy and education, offers concrete evidence of what has been long been believed true but unverified: teachers and students are embracing comics as valuable tools in the classroom. This groundbreaking work offers one of the first data-driven […]

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Bob Schreck Made Deputy Director of the CBLDF

Former DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics editor, and Oni Press co-founder, Bob Schreck, has been appointed Deputy Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or CBLDF. Schreck will oversee the organization’s fundraising and marketing activities, including membership, conventions and events. “I have been a proud and devoted supporter of CBLDF for many years,” […]

Bleeding Cool’s Mammoth San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Party List

Kieron Gillen to DJ San Diego Comic-Con at CBLDF Party

He’s done it everywhere else. But mostly at Thought Bubble in Leeds. And now The Wicked + The Divine‘s Kieron Gillen is to DJ at San Diego Comic-Con at the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund Welcome Party, hosted by Jock and Thought Bubble founder Tula Lotay. It’s all part of the British Invasion theme for […]

Walking Dead Comics Banned in Idaho Junior/Senior High School

Walking Dead Comics Banned in Idaho Junior/Senior High School

Wallace Junior/Senior High School in Idaho has banned all copies of The Walking Dead from the school library despite a recommendation of the school’s convened committee to keep all the copies of the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard on the shelf. This also includes students banned from bringing copies of […]

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David Steinberger of ComiXology Joins CBLDF Board of Directors

ComiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger has been added to the board of directors of the retailer and publisher free speech activist group, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. “The CBLDF serves an essential function in the world of comics, manga, and graphic novels,” Steinberger said in a statement. “As a member of this community, I’m […]

Dynamite Launches Biggest-Ever Humble Bundle to Benefit CBLDF

Dynamite Entertainment has launched their biggest-ever Humble Bundle to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and celebrate their 15th anniversary. Titled Dynamite Fan Faves & New Hits, the bundle offers more than 330 comics (nearly 10,000 pages) for $15, including work by legendary creators such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith, Mark […]

CBLDF Lion Forge

Lion Forge Joins the CBLDF

Lion Forge has joined the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund as a corporate partner, the company revealed in a press release Thursday. Like all the best steamy romances, the press release announcing the new coupling touted Lion Forge’s commitment to “Comics for Everyone” and a “focus on comics publishing across all age groups,” as well […]

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IDW’s Ted Adams Joins CBLDF Board of Directors

IDW Founder and CEO Ted Adams has joined the board of directors for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a press release from IDW reveals. The match between Adams and the CBLDF seems like a good one, considering the organization whose stated goal is to fight censorship stayed quiet while IDW canceled a G.I. Joe book after […]

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund To Train Comic Book Retailers In Their Legal Rights

Legendary comic book representative Bob Wayne gave the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) presentation to retailers today, as is now traditional. He talked through how the charity had a dozen big things to deal with in the last year, but is getting proactive with retailers, setting up a Retailer Workship to educate comic stores […]

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Brownstein, Gomez Talk Censorship and Comics

Nick Kazden writes: Back in April, I covered the CBLDF Censorship panel at Wonder Con, and it doesn’t seem like things have improved much since then. Executive Director Charles Brownstein and Editorial Director Betsy Gomez gave a presentation that highlighted the state of censorship in 2017 and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s efforts to […]

Chip Kidd’s New Batman Project To Be Previewed In September’s CBLDF Defender

CBLDF Defender is a giveaway comic bought in bulk by comic book stores at FCBD-or-less prices, to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, September’s issue, with an Olivier Copiel Thor cover talks to Thor’s writer Jason Aaron about comics, censorship, and his latest projects. But also exclusive to the magazine will be a sneak […]