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The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd

The Daily LITG – 12th September 2019, Happy Birthday Chip Kidd

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 19 most-read stories yesterday The New Codename for Red Robin in Today’s Young Justice #8, Revealed – But Makes No Sense (Spoilers) The X-Men Phoenix […]

Chip Kidd’s New Batman Project To Be Previewed In September’s CBLDF Defender

CBLDF Defender is a giveaway comic bought in bulk by comic book stores at FCBD-or-less prices, to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, September’s issue, with an Olivier Copiel Thor cover talks to Thor’s writer Jason Aaron about comics, censorship, and his latest projects. But also exclusive to the magazine will be a sneak […]

Last Night At ComicsPRO – The Drinking, The Auctions And The Karaoke… (UPDATE)

Taking (Blood)shots with Matthew Klein from Valiant, his message is, I dare you to find a reason not to order big on our books! #returnability #orderincentives #whatmoredoyouwant #fistbump An auction for the CBLDF… including auctioning off Chip Kidd’s talents to design a new logo for your store…  courtesy of Calum Johnston. And it was won by […]

So Who Actually Drew Chip Kidd’s Convergence Variant Covers Anyway? (UPDATE)

It’s on all the solicitations for the variant covers running through DC’s Convergence event. But what is missing is the name of the original art that Chip has taken and twisted into a uniform look. The covers look great, the lack of credit certainly isn’t Chip’s fault, e’s doing a great job, but does this […]

SDCC: The Chip Kidd Panel With Michael Cho

Peter Earnest Sailer writes for Bleeding Cool: “Chip Kidd will beatbox and I will freestyle rap.” Cho said before the panel             Chip Kidd started beatboxing and I almost got it on tape. Illo Magazine was Kidd’s first introduction to Michael Cho. Kidd was intrigued by Cho’s two-tone style and […]

Jiro Kuwata’s Batmanga Comes To DC Digital

When the Adam West Batman series ran on Television in 1966, it kicked off a Batman craze across the United States. It also kicked off one in Japan. During that time a Japanese shōnen manga was created by Jiro Kuwata. This was a pretty well kept secret outside of the manga community until Pantheon Books put a collection […]

How I Won An Eisner Award

By Rich Johnston. It’s true. You won’t have seen my name or that of Bleeding Cool’s on the nomination, but I won it all the same. Or co-won. Or I was part of an ensemble. Or I held on to someone else’s coat tails. But two San Diego Comic Cons ago, I met Mike Richardson […]

Wednesday Runaround – Going To Bat Law School

StatWatch: Can Bleeding Cool really be the most influential comics blog in the industry? Blogwatcher Technorati thinks it is, and yesterday gave it a perfect 1000 mark for comics, something I can’t recall a precedent for. Technorati’s methodology is byzantine, and the abscence of Comics Alliance from the top ten is a mystery – though […]

DC Relaunch: Batman Vs Chip Kidd

There have been many gay comics panels held at San Diego Comic Con this year, more than ever before it seems. I’d say they were breeding, but, you know… Anyway, at one of the panels held yesterday evening at San Diego Comic Con, designer and Batmanologist Chip Kidd told the audience that he is working […]

That Gay Comics Panel At San Diego Comic Con

It’s that time of the year for the Gays In Comics panel at San Diego Comic Con – for their twenty fourth year. And that time of the year where people start asking about the sexuality of the panellists! Who this year are Robert Kirkman, Chip Kidd, Dan Parent, Jon Macy, Paul Cornell, Greg Pak, […]

Saturday Trending Topics: Chip Kidd, Emma Watson, And Family Guy’s Alec Sulkin

Controversy and mystery ruled the day on Saturday, with Family Guy’s Alec Sulkin, DC Comics All Star Superman logo designer Chip Kidd, and the enigma of Emma Watson leading the way. Here are the things that interested readers at Bleeding Cool today: Most-Read Comic Book Posts: Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover […]

Why Chip Kidd Hates The All Star Superman Cover

A presentation by Chip Kidd on designing the All Star logos for DC Comics has found new prominence. [youtube][/youtube] He first talks about the process (12 minutes in) then on first seeing Frank Quitely’s cover art for issue 1. (19 minutes in) With a few quotes; “You didn’t tell me in this one that Superman’s […]

The BBC Give Us Good Grief With The Story Of Peanuts

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning, Good Grief: The Story of Peanuts is now available via the iPlayer – and, in theory at least, it’s accessible worldwide. A 30-minute audio documentary on Charles Schulz’s world-beating strip and, to a large extent, Schulz himself, the show features contributions from Chris Ware, Russell T. Davies and […]