This Month's Nintendo Direct Shows Off More From ARMS And Splatoon 2

This Month’s Nintendo Direct Shows Off More From ARMS And Splatoon 2

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Today’s Nintendo Direct wasn’t so much about looking ahead to what Nintendo is developing, but more about what we already knew.

The live feed presentation on YouTube started by showing off ARMS and all of the fighters involved with the game. We got a good look at all 10 fighters and their designs (which look fantastic) as the video showed off each individual fighter and their minor backstory, along with their signature arm weapons. The cheapest-looking of the group might be Byte & Bark, a two-in-one team that features a dog that does whatever he feels like as a distraction.

The most impressive piece of all this is the multiplayer battle mode that allows up to 20 players in a match at once, which I can’t wait to try myself. The best part to all of this was Nintendo announcing that Switch owners will be able to take part in a Global Testpunch, held from May 26th-28th, and again from June 2nd-4th, available now in the eShop.


The end of the video showed us a brand new trailer for Splatoon 2 that showcased the story mode and a lot of cool new features built into the levels, but it was only a super brief video that closed the presentation. Overall, not a bad showcase from Nintendo, with the Global Testpunch being an awesome way to see how current Switch owners enjoy it. You can check out the entire presentation below.

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