ARMS Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary With… A Photo?

This week marks the one-year anniversary for ARMS dropping on the Nintendo Switch, and how they decided to celebrate was kind of a letdown. It’s kind of become traditional for video games when they celebrate anniversaries to have some kind of event or special download or just simply anything added tot he game as a […]

Arms is Holding a Global Testpunch This Weekend

In case you’d like to try out Arms again for the Nintendo Switch, we’ve got some cool news as the company will be holding a Global Testpunch for every region to get in on the action and try the game out for free. The event already kicked off this morning at 12am PDT and will run […]

Arms Announces a New U.S. and Canada Online Tournament for Switch

A small addition to the Nintendo Direct presentation that may have been overlooked by many was the inclusion of a brand new Arms tournament, set to be exclusive to the United States and Canada this month. Below are some of the details from Nintendo on how to participate and where you can see it live, […]

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Nintendo will be Focusing on Arms and Splatoon 2 at GDC 2018

Nintendo will hold a pair of talk sessions at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). Those panels will offer insight into the development of both Splatoon 2 and Arms. In the session titled “Splatoon and Splatoon 2: How to Invent a Stylish Franchise with Global Appeal,” producer Hisashi Nogami will discuss the genesis of Nintendo’s popular ink-based shooter, as well […]

Nintendo Has Officially Ended Their Updates For Arms

Nintendo has officially confirmed that the 5.0 update for Arms will be the final update for the game. The news is a little bit of a shock considering that the game only came out a few months ago, but details on their update page confirmed that Nintendo will no longer be adding new characters or […]

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Arms 5.0 Update Will be Bringing a New Character

The 5.0 update for Arms is coming tomorrow, and will be bringing a new character along with it. Nintendo of Europe announced on Twitter earlier today that the update will arrive for Nintendo Switch owners tomorrow. Earlier this week, Nintendo released a teaser that offers a sneak peek at the mysterious new fighter, which you can watch below. Breaking news! #ARMS […]

‘Arms’ Introduces A New Fighter In Misango With New Update

If you haven’t taken a moment to update Arms with the new 4.0 update, you might want to as you get a brand new fighter. He’s been out for a few days, but Misango is the latest addition to the game, complete with music and a new arena to fight in with breakable columns. The […]


Could ‘Arms’ Finally Be Headed Down The eSports Path?

Nintendo’s latest update for Arms could have some awesome implications for eSports players, or at least anyone looking to formally play the game in an eSports setting. Below are the complete notes for the 3.1 update for the game, which includes a new “Sparring Ring” level that, according to some keenly-eyed Reddit users, fits the […]

Check Out The Latest ‘Arms’ Fighter: Lola Pop

A few weeks ago we showed that dataminers found some secrets hidden in the Arms coding that allowed for a lot more fighters than what you see on the screen. Today, one of those slots just got filled as we’ve been introduced to the latest character, Lola Pop. Nintendo didn’t immediately release any details about […]

‘Arms’ Gets An Update, But Nothing Related To Characters

Earlier this week we told you about how dataminers found new info for more characters to be added to Arms, so when the word got out about the 2.1 update, of course, people speculated that they were going to get someone new added to the mix. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You can check […]

Dataminers Find Nine New Names In The ‘Arms’ Roster

It appears Nintendo is planning for the long haul when it comes to Arms. First, the confirmed news, which came from the Arms Twitter account announcing that a new update would be coming this month, as you can see below. The translated text says that a “Balance adjustment update scheduled to be carried out in […]

The Next ‘Arms’ Update Will Make Hedlok A Playable Character

It was bound to happen after it was announced that Nintendo’s next update to Arms would unlock Max Brass as a playable character and make everyone want to try out the champ. Now the word is out that the same update will unlock someone even better than him and probably twice as strong in Hedlok. Serving […]

Arms First DLC Character Will Be Here Next Week

The first DLC character for Nintendo’s Arms is Max Brass, who will be made available in a free update next week. Nintendo made the announcement on Twitter earlier today, which included a video of the new character in action. Get ready #ARMS fans! Max Brass aka "The Commish" joins the fight via a free update on July […]

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Max Brass Gets His First Official Trailer For ‘Arms’ DLC

It’s been a couple weeks since we announced that the main boss, Max Brass, would be the first DLC character for Nintendo’s newest fighting game, Arms. Now the main boss of the game gets an official trailer for you to check him out in action from Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel. The character himself always looks […]

Coco V. Batman: Conan O’Brien Takes On Will Arnett In ‘Arms’

A little bit of fluff for your Friday, but it’s good fluff. Conan O’Brien’s YouTube channel just loaded another episode of “Clueless Gamer” from last night’s show, this one featuring Will Arnett, who is promoting The LEGO Batman Movie being out on home media. The two duke it out over a game of Arms for […]

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‘Arms’ Shows Off First Free DLC Character Coming In July

Playing catch-up with a lot of the E3 news we didn’t cover while we were covering other news, Nintendo revealed the first Arms DLC will be free and will be a new character. Well, technically not so new to people who have been playing the game. Mr. Brass is the end boss for the single […]

Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy Fun! We Review ‘ARMS’

When ARMS was first announced back in January 2017, it was probably the strangest of all the titles Nintendo could have announced. And that included a Mario game where his hat now has a personality. People with spring-like arms fighting for the amusement of the crowd, which includes a ninja, a supermodel, and a glob […]

Nintendo’s E3 Lineup Gets Bigger With Pokkén Tournament DX

Nintendo has just added another tournament to their E3 schedule with the Pokkén Tournament DX, and have released full details as to the nature of all three tournaments you’ll see next week. The tournament will take place at the Nintendo Treehouse and broadcast live on their E3 website. Below are the complete details of all three […]