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Batman Will Remain Twice-Monthly in 2020 - Batman #100 in August?

Batman Will Remain Twice-Monthly in 2020 – Batman #100 in August?

A while ago, Bleeding Cool reported that Tom King was fired off the ongoing Batman gig with #85, twenty issues shy of his planned run on the series, he was given one of his twelve-issue maxi-series, Batman/Catwoman to finish his story, with artist Clay Mann. DC Comics confirmed the news, but in a DC-PR-arranged interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom King […]

Batman #45 cover by Tony Daniel and Tomeu Morey

Batman #45 Review: Worst Wedding Present Ever

Booster Gold arrives to a version of Gotham where Hal Jordan is in the process of shooting himself in the head with his Green Lantern Ring. Booster and Skeets search the city for Batman, only to find a grizzled and armed Dark Knight ready and eager to gun down any superhero he sees. Also, this […]

DC Comics Master Class Panel NYCC 1

DC Comics Gathers Their Heavy Hitters For A Master Class At NYCC

It’s Saturday evening. Do you know where your DC Superstars are? They’re at the DC Master Class panel at New York Comic Con at the Javits Center, of course! Hosted by Dan DiDio to an incredibly packed room that had ran out of seats but still had people wanting to come in, the panel consisted […]

Fanboy Rampage: When Is A Comic Not A Comic

It’s one of the oldest comic arguments going. And today on Twitter it was between Tony S Daniel, Greg Capullo, Kurt Busiek, Jonathan Ross and others. Here is a smattering of what went down. Feel free to follow individual timelines for nuance, comprehension and context. Consider these a few headlines… @ivygirl851 @ExcelsiorAward @CharlesSoule but I […]

Full Panel Coverage Of DC Comics: Champions Of Justice

 Dimitrios Haritos writes for Bleeding Cool: The DC Comics: Champions of Justice panel was held with many of the DC talent on hand, From Tony Daniel (Deathstroke), David Finch,(Wonder Woman), Geoff Johns (Justice League, Superman), Paul Levitz (Worlds’ Finest), Greg Pak and  Aaron Kuder (Action Comics), Ray Fawkes (Constantine, Gotham by Midnight), Tim Seeley and […]

Grant Morrison Gets One More Issue Of Action Comics

Although Andy Diggle and Tony S Daniel are lined up to start their Action Comics run with issue 18, I understand that Grant Morrison and Rags Morales will need one more issue to finish their story. Which means Diggle and Daniel’s debut will be delayed to April and issue 19. So expect some kind of […]

Tony Daniel Renewed His Exclusive DC Contract This Morning

After a year on Detective Comics, there was speculation that Tony S Daniel was looking to move on, up and out of DC. A two issue stint had been announced on Justice League Of America but his future seemed uncertain to some… Nothing can be further from the truth it seems. Or at least it […]

Confirmed: Ann Nocenti On Catwoman

Hmm. Thought they were going to wait until San Diego for this. Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool told you that we’d heard that Ann Nocenti was coming to write Catwoman. Today, DC have announced the news on their blog thingimagig, that she’ll be writing the comic from issue 0, replacing the already-solicited Judd Winick as […]

Tony Daniel Will Return To Batman

Tony S Daniel on leaving Detective Comics for a new project starting next year… My Batman/Detective run is coming to an end. My final written (and drawn) issue is Detective Comics #12. I’ll be producing the art only for issue 0. It’s been a long and adventurous journey for me, but there are other projects […]

Preview: Detective Comics #1 by Tony Daniel

USA Today is the latest, grateful recipient of DC Comics’ largesse, handing out DC New 52 Previews. He tells Brian Truitt that “his Detective Comics will emphasize the “detective” part, with high-tech, CSI-style mysteries to solve.” “It allows me to do some edgier stories,” he says. “We’re concentrating on serial killers and real bad guys […]