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McFarlane Toys Reveals First DC COmics Figures, Up For Order Now!

McFarlane Toys Reveals First DC Comics Figures, In Stores this Month!

McFarlane Toys, after months of speculaiton and little news, have finally revealed their first figures from their new DC Multiverse line of figures. Each figure will stand at 7 inches tall, and feature 22 points of articulation, along with all the detailed sculpting work and care we have come to know from them. Also included […]

DCeased Gets Hungry with More Figures from DC Collectibles

DCeased Gets Hungry with More Figures from DC Collectibles

DCeased was a comic that took the DC Comic community by storm. Marvel had done with Marvel Zombies but this was seemed to be something on a whole new level? I mean what does one do when Superman becomes a zombie? DC Collectibles has already announced that DCeased figure would be coming and we have […]

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Review: GameStop’s Green Lantern – Lantern Corps Ring Set

A while ago we were looking over new DC stuff that had come out in 2019, and one of the items that caught our eye was a GameStop Green Lantern exclusive. GameStop usually gets a lot of exclusive items you can’t really nab anywhere else, so when something shiny comes along that you absolutely need […]

5 New Posters and Promo Art for "Birds of Prey"

DC Films: Updates on Green Lantern, Superman, Aquaman, Flash, and The Syndercut

DC has certainly changed its narrative over the last two years. The success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, and now Joker have seemingly turned the perception of their properties around. Where they go from here will be most important however. With Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 the next big openers for them, DC […]

DC Comics' Far Sector #1 Selling for $13 on eBay - is This 5G?

DC Comics’ Far Sector #1 Selling for $17 on eBay – is This 5G?

Far Sector #1 is the new DC Comics Green Lantern series coming from Gerard Way‘s not-an-imprint Young Animal by N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell. Bleeding Cool has also reported that we heard a well-sourced rumour that Sojourner “Jo” Mullein may be the new regular Green Lantern, replacing Hal Jordan in 2021 when the current The […]

Separated At Birth: Ethan Van Sciver on Jawbreakers and Daryl Banks on Green Lantern

Earlier this week, longstanding Green Lantern artist and Comicsgater Ethan Van Sciver revealed his cover for fellow Comicsgater Richard Meyer‘s crowdfunded comic Jawbreakers: GØd-K1ng. The image of the central antagonist in Van Sciver’s book in the back looked a little familiar to come, compared to work by another famed Green Lantern artist Daryl Banks, from the […]

“Jo” Mullein Will Replace Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern For DC Comics' 5G

Will Jo Mullein Replace Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern For DC Comics’ 5G?

Bleeding Cool was the first to break the news that 5G existed, and then in the light of the DC Nation Panel, what it was. The Fifth Generation of DC Comics storytelling and one that will see a number of major DC Comics characters relinquish their roles and their superhero name picked up by someone […]

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Green Lantern Brings The Willpower In New XM Studios Statue

Green Lantern a.k.a. Hal Jordan is not holding back in the newest statue coming from XM studios Premiere collectibles. XM Studios is one statue company that changes up the game and brings us some unique and remarkable collectibles. Their newest statue is no different showcasing Green Lantern summoning his own missiles to save the day. […]

Will Teen Lantern Take Over The Green Lantern Comic in 2020?

Gossip: Will Teen Lantern Take Over The Green Lantern Comic in 2020?

Okay, so this week has been a little busy, DC Gossip-wise aftr we began running  with the DC Comics Timeline. A new 60-year history of the DC Universe, with some time-twisting shenanigans along the way (thanks to Zero Hour, Crisis and Doomsday Clock), but showing us four distinct generations of DC Comics history. And realising that 5G meant the fifth generation of DC Comics […]

Gossip: Luke Fox, Jonathan Kent - What DC Comics' 5G is All About

Gossip: Luke Fox, Jonathan Kent – What DC Comics’ 5G is All About

It was the way the DC Comics Timeline, as revealed at New York Comic-Con this weekend, as grabbed and then dissected by Bleeding Cool, was set out that got me. With items such as: Bruce is Batman Clark is Superman Hal is Green Lantern Barry is Flash All of that. Across the four generations of […]

Green Lantern #12 [Preview]

The Fall of the Green Lantern Corps in Green Lantern #12 [Preview]

Green Lantern #12 is in stores tomorrow from DC Comics, by comics wizard Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp, Steve Oliff, and Tom Orzechowski. We’ve got a preview below.   If you’ve been following the lunatic ravings of Morrison and Sharp, you know where this is headed. Things are not looking good for the Green Lantern Corps. […]

DogStars:  The Strange, Secret Origin of the Dogs Who Replaced Green Lantern

DogStars: The Strange, Secret Origin of the Dogs Who Replaced Green Lantern

Never take a fictional dog’s origin story at face value.  Dogs really do have secret lives, it seems, and every time I’m tempted to forget about the scattered notes I’ve taken over the years regarding fictional and sometimes forgotten dog stars of long ago, I think about how many billions of dollars that the concept […]

EXCLUSIVE The Green Lantern #11 Preview

Planetary MURDER in this EXCLUSIVE The Green Lantern #11 Preview

Green Lantern #11 is in stores next week from DC Comics, by the creative team of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp. Each week, DC Comics distributes so-called EX-X-XCLUSIVE previews to their compliant media partner websites, feeding content to those websites to fuel the click-driven 24-hour comics news cycle. But at what cost?! At what cost?! In […]