Magneto Wants Your Balls: X-Men Pinball

Magneto Wants Your Balls: X-Men Pinball

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Comics and pinball have been in bed with each other since the 70’s. The original Superman, Hulk and Spider-Man machines prove that. So it’s no surprise that X-Men would get the pinball treatment. Created by Stern and designed by John Borg in 2012, X-Men offers both a pro and two types of LE: Magneto and Wolverine. The LE offers 3 flippers, 2 slingshots, 2 ramps, 7 standup targets, 2 pop up targets, 1 spinning target, 1 magnetic spinning disc, 1 vertical up kicker, 1 scoop, 1 captive ball lock, and of course multiball. By comparison the pro is missing the pop up targets, the spinning disc, and the right ramp can not pivot to deliver the ball to the left ramp. Both versions have the Magneto and Wolverine toys, the Wolverine acts as a bash toy.

Stern is no longer making new machines of any of the X-Men machines, but you can find them around. The LE’s were limited releases, but can be had for around $9k. Also, you can play these machines at Disney’s All Star Resorts if you’re ever in Disney. Stop judging me for knowing that

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