AtGames Announces The Connected Arcade For CES 2020

AtGames is bringing an awesome arcade unit with them to CES 2020 this week as we get a look at the Connected Arcade cabinet. This thing has 350 classic arcade and home console games spanning multiple consoles with the appropriate joysticks, buttons, dials, and a rollerball to accommodate them. What's more, it comes with a […]

Stern's new Stranger Things pinball will take users into the upside down

Stern's New "Stranger Things" Pinball Throws You Into The Upside Down

Stern Pinball is ready to take players into The Upside Down with their new Stranger Things pinball machine. Pinball fans across the internet have been speculating as to what Stern's newest machine is going to be, and finally we have our answer. Experience the terrifying forces in Hawkins, Indiana that turn this small town "upside […]

Arcade1Up Officially Releases The Star Wars At-Home Arcade

Just in time for the last movie in the latest trilogy, Arcade1IUp has released the Star Wars At-Home Arcade with three retro arcade titles. Featuring three titles from the past, along with the original control stick shaped like a TIE Fighter's controls, this is about as good a reproduction you can get for the home […]

Latest "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor" Introduces Guido Mista

Latest "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor" Introduces Guido Mista

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor has another character-specific clip out in the wild. This time, the video follows Passione gang member Guido Mista. The last couple of videos focused on Jotaro Kujo as well as Noriaki Kakyoin. Both characters will be playable in the battle royale arcade game. It can support 20 players for each […]

Noriaki Kakyoin Shows Off His Moves in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor

Noriaki Kakyoin Shows Off His Moves In "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor"

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Last Survivor continues to look awesome, if the newest footage is any indication. A new character trailer for Stand user Noriaki Kakyoin just debuted. It's got plenty of footage of Kakyoin's Stand Hierophant Green kicking butt and taking names. He's not as cool as Jotaro Kujo, but that's just something you have […]

"The House Of The Dead" 1 & 2 Are Getting Remade

"The House Of The Dead" 1 & 2 Are Getting Remade

If I had to tally up all of the quarters my friends and I put into SEGA's original The House Of The Dead, I'd probably have a house payment. Back when this title was launched into North American arcades in the late-90's, it was an oddity that became a must-play for about three years. The […]

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Atari & Arcade1Up Enter Into Exclusive Arcade Partnership

Some interesting retro gaming news today as Atari have signed an exclusive partnership with Arcade1Up for future arcade cabinets. The two companies had already been working together on the latter's special 4' tall retro cabinets that store four games in one. It appears Atari was so happy with the results, they decided to pen a […]

Review: Arcade1Up's "Mortal Kombat" Arcade Cabinet

Review: Arcade1Up's "Mortal Kombat" Arcade Cabinet

For a while, we've really enjoyed seeing all the classic arcade cabinets that Arcade1Up was able to make from some major companies. Recently the company was kind enough to send us one that harkened back to my pivotal gaming years when I was running around arcades. We received their Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet for review […]

Arcade1Up Will Celebrate National Video Day With A Giveaway

Arcade1Up Will Celebrate National Video Day With A Giveaway

Tomorrow is National Video Game Day, and to celebrate it, Arcade1Up will be giving away five arcade machines to one lucky person. The company will be running a contest through their social media accounts for a chance to win five cabinets at once. Those cabinets, as you can see below, are for Mortal Kombat, Centipede, […]

Ghost Spider Annual #1

A Case of Mistaken Identity in Ghost Spider Annual #1 [Preview]

The Acts of Evil Summer Annual event pits Marvel's heroes against villains they don't normally face. In Ghost Spider Annual #1, in stores Wednesday from Marvel Comics by Vita Ayala and Pere Perez, Spider-Gwen goes up against Arcade. Here's a preview. The recap page sets the stage for those who haven't followed Gwen through the […]

"Contra" and "Bomberman" Board Games Licensed by Konami

"Contra" and "Bomberman" Board Games Licensed by Konami

In 2020, Blacklist Games and IDW Games will be looking to release board games based on the Contra and Bomberman franchises, respectively. These two franchises are owned and licensed by Konami Cross Media NY, and are based on video games. The release is geared towards North American crowds. Contra is a run-and-gun arcade game released […]

Arcade1Up Opens Pre-Orders On "Star Wars" Home Arcade

Arcade1Up Opens Pre-Orders On "Star Wars" Home Arcade

The folks at Arcade1Up have officially opened up pre-orders for their Star Wars home arcade cabinet which was revealed back at E3 2019. The cabinet will be sold exclusively through GameStop, and will feature all the original Star Wars arcade games from the '80s in the customized build with the special TIE-Fighter controller. for $500. […]

Checking Out New Arcade1Up Cabinets During E3 2019

Checking Out New Arcade1Up Cabinets During E3 2019

While we were on the floor at E3 this year, we had to pay a visit to the Arcade1Up booth to see what their latest cabinets were coming out of the show. There were a few new designs that we absolutely had to have in our home, starting with the four-player cabinet for Teenage Mutant […]

A Super Rare Atari Game Pops Up On Emulator Websites

There are rare games, there are super rare games, and then there are stupid rare games. Atari's Akka Arrh was in the last category, until this month. Ars Technica is reporting that the long lost arcade game has been ported online as a ROM for anyone to emulate and play freely. Why is that such […]

Capcom Home Arcade - Trailer

Capcom Officially Announces the Capcom Home Arcade

Have you ever wanted every arcade version of a Capcom game at your disposal complete with a fight stick? Now you have that option! Today the company unveiled the Capcom Home Arcade, a portable dual arcade stick with 20 pre-programmed games inside that is supposed to bring the ultimate Capcom experience to your home. But […]

Millennials are Killing Elaborate Superhero Death Traps in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man #14

It seems like Millennials are killing everything these days, from mayonnaise to Applebees to fabric softener. The latest victim of Millennials' murderous generation is apparently elaborate superhero death traps, at least according to Arcade's assessment in this preview of next week's issue of Amazing Spider-Man. So sad. Now, if only Millennials would get around to […]

An Arcade Designs Made the Ultimate Cuphead Cabinet

Someone making an arcade cabinet for the game Cuphead isn't anything new, but this one is mighty impressive and looks pretty professional. There have been a couple home-build cabinets people have created over the past year or so for the game, but this one feels pretty exceptional above the others as the design and look of […]

Red Bull Launches First L.A. Killer Queen Tournament Called Hive Hustle

Do you and your friends think you're the best of the best who ever played Killer Queen in the arcade? Well, Red Bull is giving you a chance to prove it. The company will be throwing a tournament for the game called Hive Hustle, their first taking place in Los Angeles on September 15th. The tournament […]

Nyko Is Making a Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet in the Labo Style

It was only a matter of time before someone took the Labo idea for the Nintendo Switch and made their own versions for the console. Enter Nyko, who back at E3 introduced a number of products coming in the next calendar year. The one that has been catching everyone's eye as of late is the PixelQuest Arcade […]


Rampage Review: Identity Crisis Derails The Rock's Fun

Let's face it: whenever we see a trailer featuring Dwayne Johnson in the midst of some over-the-top action film, we know that the charm will come from watching him chewing up the scenery. In recent years it has only become more of a truism — from Moana to Baywatch to Jumanji, it's been clear that […]