Magneto is the Master of Magnetism, But He Sucks at Table Manners

Magneto is the Master of Magnetism, But He Sucks at Table Manners

X-Men #4 is in stores now, and Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston dedicated one of his weekly comics spoiler articles to talking all about Professor Xavier and his hippie dream of humans and mutants co-existing peacefully, blah blah blah blah blah. But Rich missed the bigger story of the book, which was the fact that […]

Magneto is the Master of Magnetism with New Statue

Magneto is the Master of Magnetism with New Statue from Royal Selangor

Magneto is one of the biggest villains inside the Marvel Comics mutant world. He is on the list s one of the most powerful mutants out there and his costume is badass! We have seen a wide variety of variants of his costumes, even some color changed like the Marvel Now white suit. This time […]

Will Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver Be Able to Answer X-Men Editor Jordan White's Questions About Magneto in 2020?

Will Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver Be Able to Answer X-Men Editor Jordan White’s Questions About Magneto in 2020 With an #Infographic?

Earlier today, Marvel X-Men Senior Editor Jordan White began posting his frustrations with the character of Magneto. Has anyone done an X-Men infographic called “Magneto–How the #$%@ Does He Work?” — Jordan D. White (@cracksh0t) November 26, 2019 I wish his powers were more straightforward and just affected metal. Like… I think he should “fly” […]

House Of X and... White Nationalism?

House Of X and… White Nationalism?

Last week saw the final issue of Powers of X #6 by Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva, and the conclusion of the weekly run for the last three months between that title and House Of X, setting up the new Dawn Of X titles. It saw Charles Xavier abandon his dream of integration of mutantkind […]

Magneto Joins the X-Men in New One:12 Collective Figure 

Magneto Joins the X-Men in New Mezco One:12 Figure 

Magneto is just as iconic as the X-Men themselves. He appeared right alongside the X-Men in X-Men #1 written by Stan Lee. Since that day Magneto has varied his strategies and paths. In the Marvel Now series, he teamed up and join Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men after Wolverine took over as headmaster in the Jean […]

Magneto Goes Green in New Marvel Teaser for Powers of X

Magneto Goes Green in New Marvel Teaser for Powers of X

We already know that Jonathan Hickman will be making some big changes to the X-Men with his upcoming line-wide relaunch kicking off in July with House of X and Powers of X, but nobody could have possibly considered those changes would be so X-Treme. However, in a new teaser posted to Marvel’s Twitter account, the […]

Simon Kinberg Teases Genosha in 'Dark Phoenix'

Simon Kinberg Teases Genosha in ‘Dark Phoenix’

While it’s not much to go on, director Simon Kinberg just dropped a very familiar to X-Men fans island name while chatting with Empire Magazine about the upcoming final Fox film for the franchise, Dark Phoenix. We’re speaking of course of Genosha, one-time island prison inhabited by collard mutants (alluded to in Deadpool 2) and fortress of […]

The X-Men Show Trump How to Do Disaster Relief in Next Week's Marvelous X-Men #3

The X-Men Philosophy on Disaster Relief in Marvelous X-Men #3

The Age of X-Man may be a dystopia where all human connection is outlawed, but there are still some things they get right. Take, for instance, the response of the X-Men to a hurricane in the Bahamas in this preview of Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #3… Storm is well-suited to this kind of work, […]

Sideshow Collectibles Magneto Sixth Scale Figure 3

Magneto Gets a New Sixth Scale Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

Magneto is getting a new Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Figure. Featuring helmeted and helmetless head sculpts, a tailored fabric costume, and interchangeable hands, this sixth scale figure comes in a regular and exclusive edition. The exclusive edition includes a non-wearable cerebro helmet that you can use with his levitating hand to create a pretty cool […]

Now Everything You Know About… Okay, These Marvel Teasers Are Getting Ridiculous

Following up on plans to rewrite the history of the origin of the Fantastic Four, rewrite the history of Spider-Man No More, and rewrite the history of The Avengers finding Captain America in the ice, Marvel has predictably released yet another teaser for their “Marvel History Is Destroyed” event coming in March 2019. This teaser […]

Exiles #7 cover by Mike McKone

Exiles #7 Review: Old West Superheroics in a Genuinely Fun Comic

The Exiles have been approached by a man called the King, the T’Challa of this strange Old West dimension in which the team has found themselves. With the King and equipment supplied by Moira MacTaggert, Blink, Valkyrie, and Wolvie go to stop the Magnus Gang and save Iron Lad. Unfortunately, Magnus isn’t the head of […]

X-Men: Blue #34 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #34 Review: The Master of Magnetism Reigns

Magneto is confronted by the future incarnations of his X-Men Blue team. They blame him for the death and destruction that surrounds them. However, the other surviving mutants laud Erik as a savior. The question is the same as it always has been: is Magneto a devil or a savior? Magneto intends to make it […]

Marvel Gives Cyclops a Richard Spencer Haircut in X-Men Blue #34 Preview

When will the torment end for poor Cyclops?! The former proud leader of the X-Men has been poorly treated by Marvel in recent years. First, forced into the role of a villain despite Cyclops being objectively 100% right in the Cyclops vs. Wolverine Schism and the X-Men being 100% right about everything in Avengers vs. […]

Exiles #6 cover by Mike McKone

Exiles #6 Review: One of Marvel’s Most Charming Books

The Exiles are resting up in the Bahamas after their conflict with the Time-Eater, revealed to be Kang the Conqueror. They are still stinging from the loss of Khan, and Blink is eager to find her former teammates out in the Multiverse. While tinkering with the Tallus, Blink, Wolvie, Valkyrie, and Iron Lad are teleported […]

X-Men: Blue #33 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men: Blue #33 Review – The State of the Magneto Address [Edited]

Magneto flees to the future to escape the retribution of the X-Men after his attack against Emma Frost, the White Queen. The future he finds his desolate and bears markings of his own actions, including a graveyard of individuals staked to the ground with rebar. After searching the wasteland, he finds an enclave of mutant […]

X-Men Blue #32 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #32 Review: Blue vs. Magneto for the Fate of Emma Frost

Magneto wants the White Queen dead, and he is willing to tear through however many people it takes to make that happen. The X-Men refuse to let Emma fall, so they are now dueling their recent ally in the streets. Worse yet, Magneto is on Mutant Growth Hormone and even more powerful than usual. Can […]

Chris Claremont Writes Magneto for X-Men Black Weekly One-Shots

At the X-Men panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the most-anticipated panel of the entire weekend, Marvel revealed some big details on X-Men Black. It’s an event of sorts, a series of one-shots running weekly through October, each focusing on a different X-Men villain: Magneto by Chris Claremont and Dalibor Talajic, Emma Frost by Leah Williams […]