Comic Folk React To Trump’s Grabbing America By The Immigration Policy

Posted by January 28, 2017 Comment

Image by Comic Book Artist and Illustrator Phil Noto

As the effect of President Trump’s executive order barring individuals from cherry-picked countries from entering the United States came into effect. Word of travelers being detained, questioned, and arrested at airports around the country has spread like wildfire across social media. Protests have broken out at major airports, being led by a large group at New York City’s JFK airport.

Here’s some of the Twitter coverage that we’ve seen so far:

Jody Houser’s Twitter post points out that Trump selectively blocked entry by individuals from countries to which he has no business ties to, and those that he does were omitted. Ironically that doesn’t bar entry from individuals from any of the primary countries which were involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Andrew Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief of Comics Alliance tweeted that there are some hard decisions to be made now in working within the US.

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