Blizzard Issues An Official Statement On “Hearthstone” Suspension

After nearly five days of silence, Blizzard has issued an official statement regarding the suspension of Hearthstone esports player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai. The company released the statement yesterday evening, both acknowledging they handled the situation poorly but reaffirmed their ban. For blitzchung and the broadcasters involved, their suspensions were not taken away, only reduced […]

Riot Games Employees Planning to Petition Board of Directors

Riot Games employees walked off the job in protest of the company’s stance on forced arbitration for current employees and their allegations of sexist hiring practices and gender discrimination. Riot’s current stance on forced arbitration means that current employees cannot take legal action against the company while still employed by the company, effectively silencing several […]

Susan Sarandon

WomenDisobey: Susan Sarandon Arrested Along with 575 Others at Protest

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon was arrested along with 575 others at the #WomenDisobey protest at Capitol Hill. This, of course, is not her first time at a protest, as the actress has always been very outspoken in regards to politics and causes important to her. The group was gathered at the Hart Office Building wrapped in foil […]


Students and Teachers Across the Country Participate in #NationalWalkoutDay

The month of March is continuing the rise in activism this year, with March 14th being the date for  #NationalWalkoutDay. The protest was organized to commemorate one month since the most recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, which ended in 17 deaths. Some photos of a local walkout, taken by Bleeding Cool’s own Lauren Sisselman: […]

Congressman John Sarbanes At BWI Protest On #MuslimBan “It Just Defies Common Sense”

While at the BWI protest, Lauren Sisselman managed  to catch up with Congressman John Sarbanes to ask him his thoughts on what the protest and the executive order banning travelers from seven middle-eastern countries. Sisselman: What does this mean for Marylanders in general Sarbanes: Look, you have this really spontaneous expression of concern and anxiety, […]

Baltimore Protests Declare: No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!

The protest at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport is continuing, and our intrepid Lauren Sisselman is there as part of the supporters. Reports from around the BWI region suggest that hundreds of additional supporters are still en-route to join. So far the protests, as they were yesterday, are going peacefully, with airport administrators working with the […]

Comic Folk React To Trump’s Grabbing America By The Immigration Policy

As the effect of President Trump’s executive order barring individuals from cherry-picked countries from entering the United States came into effect. Word of travelers being detained, questioned, and arrested at airports around the country has spread like wildfire across social media. Protests have broken out at major airports, being led by a large group at New York City’s […]

More Comics Folk Attend Anti-Trump Women’s Marches Around The World #WomensMarch

We’ve been looking at the many marches happening around the world today, in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington, DC, the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump – and the far bigger numbers they have brought. With a few folk from Supergirl, Doctor Who, X-Men and the like. But that’s just the […]

The Power And Posters Of Protest

This hasn’t got a lot to do with comics. Okay, maybe a bit. But a short video about the history of the protest poster, from the Suffragettes to the present day, including all sorts of interesting design elements might provide some insight into the work we re more familiar with. And might make for a […]

Social Media Profiles Begin Changing To An ‘S’ In Protest Against DC

Yesterday, we asked legal expert and comics creator Tony Panaccio to look at the impact of the current story emphasising DC Entertainment’s decision to not allow a memorial to a young child to include the Superman ‘S’ symbol. Panaccio concluded saying DC has about 48 hours to do an about face on this one. After […]

University Library Graphic Novel Exhibit Damaged After Muslim Protest

A graphic novel exhibit at the German university of of Duisburg-Essen features the work of Israeli artist, Rutu Modan as part of a series of displays for What Comics Can Do! Recent Trends in Graphic Fiction. in the foyer of the University library. German magazine Taz reports that the different displays explored different storytelling methods, genres […]

What If There Was A Protest And No One At Comic Con Noticed?

Chrissy Williams, wife of Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen, is in and around Times Square right now in the middle of the Wall Street protest that has rather expanded. She tweets “There are a /lot/ of people in Times Square right now. It is rather impressive” and gives photographic proof (below) I am hoping no […]

DC Comics On The New DCU 52 Protestors

I saw this image briefly at the Retailer Presentation at San Diego Comic Con by DC Comics, but wasn’t quite quick enough to capture it. Thankfully DC Comics have included it in this week’s comics. As part of DC Nation, this reworked version of Justice League Of America #28 seems to both reference and mock […]

Fox News Interviews The DC New 52 Relaunch Protest

That was the DC protest that was. Attended by a group of Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers and a fellow comics reporter dressed as Superman, it wasn’t the hundreds-strong gathering that Facebook promised, but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in spirit. Even if some of the costumes seemed a little closer […]

Why DC Would Love You To Protest Against The DC Relaunch At San Diego Comic Con

We mentioned the anti-DC Relaunch protest march planned for San Diego Comic Con earlier this morning, but it’s been niggling at me and I think I realise why. DC Comics would love a large protest. Lots of people calling for the head of Dan DiDio. Dressed up in classic non-segmented costumes without a hint of […]