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LibraryCon Encourages Libraries to Run Their Own Comic Cons

Yesterday’s recent LibraryCon Live!, a live streaming event from Library Journal and School Library Journal was an attempt at a deeper look into the diverse world of comics in libraries. A virtual convention with comic book publishers, creators and bloggers all working together to promote literacy and storytelling through comics. Here’s how it looked on […]

250 Pages Of Papercuts And Inkstains

Rob Jones writes for Bleeding Cool Good day, fans of sequential loveliness. We’re Rob Jones and Mike Sambrook, writers, editors, letterers and dreamers of comics. We’re here today to talk to you about colouring (or coloring if you’re of an American persuasion). We started Madius Comics a couple of years ago and in that short […]

A Proper Archie Andrews Cosplay Jacket

If you’re a cosplayer you know how important it is to find (or make!) near perfect looking items for your cosplay. Recently I was sent a Riverdale cosplay jacket from Angel Jackets, a company that specializes in cosplay jackets for everyday wear. The package arrived fairly quickly (less than a week) from DHL, so that’s […]

And The Winners Are…. The Bleeding Cool Reader’s Awards

It’s been an exciting few weeks watching the thousands of votes come in. In some cases there was runaway winners from the get-go, and in others we were watching as flipped back and forth between leaders in some ridiculously tight races. We’ve tallied the count – got rid of those that were multiples from the […]

Congressman John Sarbanes At BWI Protest On #MuslimBan “It Just Defies Common Sense”

While at the BWI protest, Lauren Sisselman managed  to catch up with Congressman John Sarbanes to ask him his thoughts on what the protest and the executive order banning travelers from seven middle-eastern countries. Sisselman: What does this mean for Marylanders in general Sarbanes: Look, you have this really spontaneous expression of concern and anxiety, […]

Comic Folk React To Trump’s Grabbing America By The Immigration Policy

As the effect of President Trump’s executive order barring individuals from cherry-picked countries from entering the United States came into effect. Word of travelers being detained, questioned, and arrested at airports around the country has spread like wildfire across social media. Protests have broken out at major airports, being led by a large group at New York City’s […]

‘Crocodile Dundee meets Quantum Leap’ – Bruce Outback on Kickstarter

By Joe Glass Currently on Kickstarter to raise funds for making his full length comic book debut, Bruce Outback follows the adventures of the titular Australian detective as he solves crime through time…helped by a genetically modified, super-intelligent koala bear. By Kris Carter and Jim Bampfield, Bruce Outback has been an idea kicking around their […]

SDCC ’15: Omnibus Program Promoted By Dark Horse Manga, With Soft Announcement

By Michele Brittany, West Coast Correspondent Dark Horse Manga Publicity Coordinator Steve Sunu introduced editors Brendan Wright and Philip Simon and Director of Asian Licensing Michael Gombos to discuss upcoming manga series in the Dark Horse Manga panel held Thursday evening. The panel started the hour with introducing the audience to Hiroaki Samura’s Blade the […]

Hero Happy Hour Versus The Supreme Leader Takes To Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton Who has the courage to stand up to the villainy of The Supreme Leader? Only the regulars of The Hideout Bar & Grill, it seems. Geek Punk, Dan Taylor and Chris Fason  bring their stand against evil and terror to Kickstarter with Hero Happy Hour Vs. The Supreme Leader, a special one-shot comic in a special crowdfunding […]

Help Save The Hideout Bar & Grill With The Hero Happy Hour Graphic Novel

By Dan Taylor Hero Happy Hour… You may have heard of it. The independently self-published black & white comic book from GeekPunk that came out a dozen years ago that used to have the word “Super” in the title. Or, maybe you’re familiar with the webcomic at Either way, Hero Happy Hour is a […]

Win A Superman Cape Suit From BlackMilk

Summer’s Coming… not, I’m not trying out for the Game of Thrones parody, summer really is coming and ladies, if you are looking for a swimsuit that shows your geek cred without spending any money, DC Comics has something for you. You can win one of BlackMilk‘s Superman Cape Suits. The suits have been selling […]