Scalebound Director Comments On The Game’s Cancellation But Don’t You Go Thinking He Took Time Off


I suppose we might not ever know what happened to Scalebound truely. There is a lot of word of development being stressed and the game running behind schedule quite seriously. However, who, how or why that is will likely just be for fan and pundit speculation, barring any developers talking anonymously, a la Phantom Dust.

For now what we do have is the game’s director Hideki Kamiya taking to Twitter to apologise for the game falling. In a series of tweets, he said:

There were reports that some of the development team took a month off due to mental health problems, but at least for Kamiya, that doesn’t ring true. He said:

Honestly, I’m just a little sad the game will never see life, regardless of what happened behind the scenes. Clearly a lot of work and stress went into what had been built. A tragedy it will likely never see the light of day.