Report Says The Nintendo Switch Will Be Priced Around $215 In Japan

Posted by January 9, 2017 Comment


It’s a tough business getting into price predictions for unannounced consoles. Reports are often wrong, either due to misinformation or things changing.

However, Japanese paper Nikkei don’t usually get things wrong about Nintendo. That is why their report (translated by Engadget) stating that the console will cost around ¥25,000 is at least worth note. That is $215, making it much cheaper than most consoles at launch. (Of course, Nintendo might make it more expensive in other countries as it changes currency. In fact, I’d bet money on it.)

It is worth keeping in mind that this might be more of a prediction than a scoop. That being said, Nikkei clearly have good contacts within the company based on their track record, and as a massive newspaper, I wouldn’t expect them to be throwing around numbers too liberally. We are likely to find out the price on Friday though, as that is when Nintendo’s Switch stream will take place.


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