Report Says The Nintendo Switch Will Launch With New Mario Game, Skyrim Port And Splatoon Pack In


There is a lot being said about the Nintendo Switch at the moment, with leaks and reports coming from all sides. So, what’s a little more then?

Let’s Play Video Games, who have been leading the charge on some very reliable leaks on the console are today reporting that as previously stated, Zelda: Breath of the Wild will miss the Switch’s launch, but headlining the launch library will be a brand new Mario game. It will be a 3D title, and have you doing several objectives in missions a la Mario 64. It will also have two player co-op and a demo is being prepped for the press in January.

On top of that, they report that the more expensive version of the console will come with a pack in of Splatoon, which will have new single player content, and new 1v1 multiplayer mode.

Finally, they also say that the Skyrim port that showed up in the launch trailer, but Bethesda won’t confirm, is in fact happening. They say it will be available on launch, and will add mod support at a later date.

There are a few extra details in the initial report, which I encourage you to go take a look at.

Of course, none of this is confirmed, but the website has been proven right a whole lot already with their information. This all sounds great to me, and if it came to pass, it would ensure a clean system launch.