There Might Be Two Xbox One Variants Coming Within The Space Of A Year Of Each Other (And Oculus Support Coming To Xbox One)

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Xbox One’s future console plans have been a little murky of late. Boss Phil Spencer spoke of a more powerful version of the console a while back (even before mention of Sony’s Neo hit the web), before walking those claims back somewhat. On top of that, there have also been reports on a slim version of the console coming too.

Well, it seems like both might be true, at least if a report by Kotaku is to be believed. They are claiming that three sources have confirmed that a slim version of the Xbox One will be coming sometime this year, while another console, codenamed Scorpio will be with us in 2017. Scorpio will be much more powerful with a stronger GPU. One source says that this is part of a movement called Project Helix, which will see Microsoft create consoles more quickly and iterate often, but allow for versions of a console to be backwards and forwards compatible. Think iPhone.

It is also said that Scorpio will also help make the console VR capable and that “Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus”, who they’ve been pretty collaborative with in the last year or so.

That’s a hell of a pitch. I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Consoles in their current form are selling well, so this, along with Sony’s plans for the Neo, are a little perplexing, and could certainly be seen as “greedy”. I’m not exactly sure how a market will sustain something like this, because it’s basically uncharted territory. Tech companies have to be ahead of the curve though, and we really don’t know anything about how this will work. It’s interesting at the very least, but we’ll have to see how this plays out.


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