The Fake Darwyn Cooke Original Art Scams Have Begun (UPDATE)

This is an original sketch by Darwyn Cooke, who died three days ago, from cancer. The artwork is, naturally, spectacular. The crisp, minimal, perfectly judged and weighted lines… unmistakeable.


And this is a trace job being sold as a Darwyn Cooke original on eBay, current for $91 with 19 bids and 4 hours to go.

s-l1600 (6)


And this is a letter that Darwyn's wife Marsha Cooke has sent to the seller.



I have also e-mailed the seller with no response. The listing claims it was made in 2008 at San Diego Comic Con.

I have the feeling that "new" pieces of Darwyn's art are going to start flooding the market in the same way that those by Michael Turner have done ever since his death.

UPDATE: It sold for $382.53. 

The seller replied to me saying "You have proof that it's not authentic. I can go after your media company for defamation. Watch your step little man."

Well, I did have proof. Not only the original art, but the word of Marsha Cooke who contacted the seller to tell him that Cooke did no sketches at San Diego Comic Con that year.

He replied again saying "To Mrs. Cooke and Rich, I will cancel the persons order. Not a problem and I'm starting to think I was deceived."

It mat seem that way. He also asked for this article to be deleted, but I think it may stand as a warning to others.



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