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Remembering Darwyn - #RIPDarwynCooke

Remembering Darwyn – #RIPDarwynCooke

Darwyn Cooke, November 16th, 1962 ‚Äď May 14th, 2016. He died three years ago today. And last night (while I was asleep) his friend and colleague Frank Tieri took a private tradition public. He tweeted out I'll be raising a glass ūü•É to the guy tonight at midnight & posting it as it's become sort […]

Marsha Cooke, Ethan Van Sciver, Comicsgate, and Darwyn Cooke's Legacy

Marsha Cooke is the widow of comic book creator Darwyn Cooke. A prominent a presence at comic conventions, she is forthright in her opinions — and I know from personal experience¬†that it's not the greatest position to be on the¬†wrong side of her. Recently someone on Twitter claimed that Darwyn would have supported the "ComicsGate" […]

Darwyn Cooke

Darwyn Cooke Will Be Inducted Into Harvey Awards Hall Of Fame At NYCC 2017

The late, great comic creator Darwyn Cooke, who passed away last year, will be honoured by the Harvey Awards Committee at this year's New York Comic Con this week. At a reception being held Saturday at the Hudson Annex 38 (October 7th, 8 p.m.-11 p.m.), the beloved artist will be inducted into the Harvey Awards […]

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'Jane' Review: Dark, Handsome, And Not Blurry

During my years at college, I became a fan of classic literature. Pride and Prejudice, Nineteen Eighty-Four, and Jane Eyre, and more. I'm also a fan of graphic novels (shocking)! So when the two are combined, I gravitate to them. In Aline Brosh McKenna's debut graphic novel, Jane, we get an updated story on Charlotte […]

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Justice League: The New Frontier Gets Darwyn Cooke Commemorative Release (Trailer)

Justice League: The New Frontier, the DC animated film based on Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier comic book. Cooke also served as story and visual consultant on the 2008 movie. CBR has the EXCLUSIVE (OMG) first details and trailer for the re-release, but we've EXCLUSIVELY copied them. The movie, whose all-star cast includes all […]

DC Animated Movies Team Talks New Film Collection, Future Projects At SDCC

Bleeding Cool reporter Alex Roberts writes: At SDCC, DC brought their longtime cast members and production team out for the 10th Anniversary celebration of DC Universe Animated Original Movies. The panel consisted of a wide range of creators, including producers Bruce Timm (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), James Tucker (Justice League Dark), Alan Burnett (Batman: […]

Darwyn Cooke Wonder Woman Leads An Impressive Original Art Auction This Week

Original Art is hitting higher and higher numbers lately and some really interesting pieces are coming up for auction this week. Yup, I was doing scrolling through the auction list again, something I do every time the topic of original art comes up and I found some pretty cool pieces starting with an original Darwyn […]

The Art Of The Shadow To Feature Ross, Chaykin, Cooke, Wagner And More

For the last four years, Dynamite has been publishing The Shadow and have enlisted some big named artist to draw the pulp hero.¬†Alex Ross, Howard Chaykin, Matt Wagner, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Bradstreet, Wilfredo Torres, Chris Samnee, Jason Shawn Alexander, and many more have put their talents to show he who knows […]

The Fake Darwyn Cooke Original Art Scams Have Begun (UPDATE)

This is an original sketch¬†by Darwyn Cooke, who died three days ago, from cancer. The artwork¬†is, naturally, spectacular. The crisp, minimal, perfectly judged and weighted lines… unmistakeable. And this is¬†a trace job being sold as a Darwyn Cooke original on eBay, current for $91 with 19 bids and 4 hours to go.   And this […]

Lying In The Gutters, 16th May 2016 – Goodbye Darwyn

  Jimmy Palmiotti shares his memories, It was Christmas a few years back and Amanda and I were shopping for presents for a few friends and decided that we would just recycle gifts and buy everyone presents from antique stores- the perfect fitting gift for each person, something that screamed out to us what might […]

Darwyn Cooke Now Receiving Palliative Care After Aggressive Cancer

I was talking to Darwyn and Marsha Cooke about a Bleeding Cool story yesterday. A silly thing, that was all. They told me I should check¬†Darwyn's blog tomorrow. I thought it might relate to that. But it doesn't. Marsha, wife of the legendary comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke's, writes, under the title "F-ck […]

More DC Omnibus, Deluxe And Long Awaited Collections For 2015 –

Brian Cronin¬†said last year, First off, right off the bat, it is just ludicrous not to collect a Mike Mignola-written Batman series. Mignola is one of the most popular comic book creators in the industry today, and while it is fair to note that he did not DRAW this series (if he did, there's no […]

Ron Salas Covers The Phantom For Dynamite

This week in comic shops we get Dynamite's next issue in the King Features¬†crossover, King: The Phantom #1. Now this issue has the Darwyn Cooke cover as do the others and it has a Rob LIefeld cover, but this one also has a very cool looking Ron Salas cover which we have here both colored […]

Who Is Drawing The Multiversity Guidebook Anyway? (TO UPDATE)

Grant Morrison has written the Multiversity Guidebook. But who is drawing it? The DC Comics website lists Ben Oliver, Chris Sprouse, Dan Jurgens, Cameron Stewart, Klaus Janson, Gary Frank, Nicola Scott and "Various". Whereas Amazon lists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jae Lee, Jon Bogdanove, Gary Frank, Todd Nauck, Chris Sprouse, Andrew Robinson, Duncan Rouleau, Cameron Stewart, Pete […]