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Tony Harris Destroys Art Rather Than Give it to Customer Who Wants a Refund (UPDATE)

Comic book fan Seth Talley contacted Bleeding Cool with a problem. He told me that he had three art commissions outstanding from comic book creator Tony Harris, of War Heroes, Ex Machina, Starman, Chin Music and Roundeye, totalling $1200 over seven years, as well as funding for Tony Harris’ Roundeye on Kickstarter and had been […]

Great Comics and Original Art Up For Auction Right Now on Comic Connect

Great Comics and Original Art Up For Auction Right Now on Comic Connect

Comic Connect has a wonderful comic auction going on right now with the kinds of books and original art that will make your head spin. Whenever they have one of these type auctions over there, it not only is fun to sift through all of the listings, but to see how much the auctions end […]

Comic Connect Walking Dead Art Auction Collage

Walking Dead Fans: Do Not Miss Out on Comic Connect’s Art Auction Ending Soon

Few modern comic series have reached the heights of Robert Kirkman‘s zombie epic The Walking Dead. Going for 15 years strong now, it is arguably the most successful modern ongoing comic as far as back issues are concerned. One corner of the Walking Dead universe collectors are starting to heat up on would be in […]

90 Photos from NYC Five Points Festival: Toys, Comics, and Counterculture

NYC’s Brooklyn Expo Center served as the weekend host to what has become an annual collision of art, toys, counterculture, and craft beer known affectionately as the Five Points Festival. Sponsored by Clutter Magazine and Lagunitas Brewing Company, Five Points Festival doesn’t market itself as a “big con” with huge premieres and photo ops with celebrities; […]

You Will Never See a Jack Kirby Original Art Double-Page Spread This Cheap Ever Again

Rather tantalizingly captioned “For Your Personal Collection” in the upper left corner, this double page spread from Our Fighting Forces #155 by Jack Kirby and inker D. Bruce Berry is an interesting combination of two things that Kirby is well-known for: “Kirby Machines” and World War II.  Our Fighting Forces #155 was published by DC […]

edgar church

Looking for Some Edgar Church Art? Heritage Auctions Has You Covered

Edgar Church — of the famous Edgar Church Collection of comics — was an excellent commercial artist. Creating countless print ads for a number of companies, Church would look to other forms of media for inspiration in his drawings. Comics were obviously a big part of that, and we have gone into his game-changing collection […]

harry potter

Rare Harry Potter Art Up For Auction Via Heritage Auctions

Muggles, wizards, witches, giants, shape shifters, and other Harry Potter fans, listen up! Heritage Auctions currently has some original art from the Harry Potter series up for sale. “J. K. Rowling. Set of Two Deluxe First Editions with Tipped in Watercolors. Includes: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. [London]: Bloomsbury, [1999]. First English deluxe […]

Underground Comix Art From Graham Nash Collection Brings In Big Bucks

If you’re into comic books, you’ve no doubt heard of R. Crumb, the prolific artist most known for his underground comix movement, including Zap Comix. He also gave the world the counter culture characters Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural. Original artwork from him is always fun to come by, and they command top dollar […]

Dark Tower

Jae Lee Original ‘The Dark Tower’ Poster Art Now Available For Purchase

Jae Lee was the artist that brought Stephen King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower, to comic shops with the first three series from Marvel: The Gunslinger Born, The Long Road Home and Treachery then coming back later to do the Battle of Jericho Hill. His dark, unique style set the stage for one the series […]

The Fake Darwyn Cooke Original Art Scams Have Begun (UPDATE)

This is an original sketch by Darwyn Cooke, who died three days ago, from cancer. The artwork is, naturally, spectacular. The crisp, minimal, perfectly judged and weighted lines… unmistakeable. And this is a trace job being sold as a Darwyn Cooke original on eBay, current for $91 with 19 bids and 4 hours to go.   And this […]

The BVS Original Art By Ivan Reis And Joe Prado That Zack Snyder Bought

DC Comics creators Ivan Reis and Joe Prado were commissioned by Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller to create an exclusive art piece featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The image was printed in quality paper for a thank you gift to all the folk from Cruel and Unusual Films, Snyder’s company and co-producer of Batman V […]

There Are Original Art Pieces Hiding In Those Harley Quinn Black Bags

DC Comics launched Harley Quinn’s Little Black Book today. That comic, and others from DC this month, shipped with Harley Quinn black bag variant versions. Opening each bag reveals whether you got a colour, ink or pencilled version of that cover. It’s quite fun, most people like it. But someone who really likes it is […]