When Spider-Man's Eyes Are Smiling - That Captain America: Civil War Trailer Moment, In Comics

When Spider-Man’s Eyes Are Smiling – That Captain America: Civil War Trailer Moment, In Comics

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You can probably thank Deadpool for popularising the CG-animated eyes to enable the character to emote in the new Captain America: Civil War Trailer without having to rip off the mask.


It was Todd McFarlane who really widened those eyes out from the original slits.


And while plenty of artists played around with them, you can thank Erik Larsen for animating them so much from panel to panel that it was noticeable, during his run on Amazing Spider-Man.


This was also picked up by the Marvel cartoons, finding shifting eye pieces a shorthand for emotional state of a fully masked individual.

But for the overall look, it’s very John Romita Sr don’t you think?


Oh and I wonder just how much of this film Brian Michael Bendis was involved with, given his scene from the Miles Morales Spider-Man comic earlier this year…

SM2016002-cov-b4109…this is the last Marvel Studios movie that was influenced by the Marvel Creative Committee after all.

Of course now I’m reminded of a comic book I wrote (and partially drew, though thankfully had the likes of Kaare Andrews, Frazer Irving and Ashley Woods to help out)…


Going for a dollar at all good eBay stores!

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