What Pushed Amazing Spider-Man and Conan Into New Content Warning Ratings?

What Pushed Amazing Spider-Man and Conan Into Higher Content Warning Ratings?

After I was able to work out why Morbius The Living Vampire Omnibus saw its rating jump from to T to Parental Advisory, I was asked to continue my investigations into why two other books made a similar jump. Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB: The Battle of Shamla Pass, now having a rating of Mature, […]

Marvel Trademarks S.P.D.R. Bot - For Christmas Future

Marvel Trademarks S.P.D.R. Bots – For Christmas Future

Steve Ackerman, trademark lawyer acting for Marvel Characters has registered a trademark with the US government for S.P.D.R. Bot, under the subject of… Education and entertainment services …as well as… Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing); hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with or without an external display screen […]

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The Marvel Variant Covers at Walmart are “True” Variant Covers Now

Walmart started putting Marvel 3 Packs in stores a few years ago, and in response DC upped the commitment starting up the new Giant line that used to be Walmart exclusive, and now is early shipped to Walmart with variant covers. Marvel responded a few months back by selling Walmart a new approach for the […]

Gossip: Second Ongoing Spider-Man Title On The Way... Any Day Now

Gossip: Second Ongoing Spider-Man Title On The Way… Any Day Now

Nothing like a little Bleeding Cool water cooler gossip over what’s going on with the Spider-Man books. As we have seen (and reported) Marvel has been publishing one ongoing Spider-Man series, Amazing Spider-Man from Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley and friends. The other series, although billed as ongoing series, are planned and scheduled internally as mini-series […]

Absolute Carnage TPB Adds Free Comic Book Day Issue - But Adds $5 Onto Price

Absolute Carnage TPB Adds Free Comic Book Day Issue – and $5 Onto the Price

The Absolute Carnage trade paperback by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman was solicited as collecting Absolute Carnage #1-5 and at 176 pages, would cost $24.99. However, retailers have just been told by Marvel that it will now collect Absolute Carnage #1-5 and the Free Comic Book Day Venom/Spider-Man comic that set it up back in […]

Marvel Comics to Publish Amazing Fantasy Omnibus - But Which Amazing Fantasy?

Marvel Comics to Publish Amazing Fantasy Omnibus – But Which Amazing Fantasy?

The comic book Amazing Fantasy, published by Marvel Comics in the sixties, is best known for its fifteenth issue that introduced the Amazing Spider-Man, by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. But with that issue, the series ended and the character used to launch The Amazing Spider-Man after keen reader response. But there were fourteen other […]

New Art Team for the Black Cat Annual #1

New Art Team for Marvel’s Spider-Marriage in Black Cat Annual #1

They may be teasing a marriage between Spider-Man and Black Cat in the upcoming Black Cat Annual, that simultaneously trolls the fans still annoyed about One More Day, as well as the Batman fans still annoyed at the Batman/Catwoman non-marriage. But it appears that the book will have a brand-new art team, as opposed to […]

Full Marvel Comics December 2019 Solicitations... Incoming...

JJ Abrams’ Spider-Man #4 Solicitations Will Stop Lying To You (Spoilers)

At midnight on Tuesday night, a number of comic stores held launch parties for the new Spider-Man comic book series by JJ Abrams, Henry Abrams and Sara Pichelli.  Some folk knew what was coming. And that Marvel Comics had been lying to everyone in the solicitations for the first three issues. Well, with the fourth […]