Are We Getting A New Kree-Skrull War In The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS UPDATE)

Semi-spoilers for Moon Girl, Silk, New Avengers and big spoilers for Spider-Woman below…


So Moon Girl is trying to hold back one of the changes of this cosmic refresh. Wth those Terrigen Mists continuing to circle the globe, she’s looking to find a way out of being transformed by investigating Kree technology.

Because, yes, the Inhumans are all Kree-based in origin. And you know the Kree’s greatest enemies? The Skrulls. And coincidentally, they are all over the place this week…


So this is who the Skrulls are in the cosmically refreshed Marvel Universe. They are basically Russian gangsters. Invading (ish) in New Avengers


The easy get out scapegoat for lazy editorial types in Silk….IMG_0020

And being the final page reveal in Spider-Woman #1.IMG_0027

There are a lot of skrulls about… what do they have to say about the Inhumans on Earth then? Terrigen mists? Could they be a natural ally of the X-Men???

UPDATE: From today’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, things aren’t too hot for the Kree either.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2015-) 002-004


X-Men/Skrull Vs. Inhuman/Kree?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a Black Metal Friday sale on Friday and one of the only two shops in the UK to be celebrating Local Comic Shop Day on Saturday. And currently exhibiting a group of cartoonists’ influences and inspirations by paying tribute to creators, characters and stories that have had an impact in their own work.



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