Kevin Feige Teases Skrull Secret Invasion Still Possible

With Disney acquiring the holdings of Fox this past week, the sky is the limit for possible future chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige knows better than anyone how to properly tease just enough to get fans’ hopes up without promising anything. He recently did just this while speaking with […]

We Love This Description of Ben Mendelsohn While Filming ‘Captain Marvel’

We adore Ben Mendelsohn, and really hope at some point there will be behind-the-scenes footage of him on the set of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Captain Marvel. Especially now with this description of him on set from Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson, because we can totally picture it. In Captain Marvel, Mendelsohn plays two roles; the human character who is […]

Annette Bening Sizes Up ‘Captain Marvel’ in New Clip

Marvel Studios next film is set to hit theaters next month, and there are still so many things we don’t know about characters in Captain Marvel, like Annette Bening‘s mysterious Kree Supreme Intelligence. The 4-time Oscar nominee stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to talk about her role in the first female-fronted solo […]

‘Captain Marvel’ TV Spot- Skrull-Growlin’, Laser Tag, Glowing Carol

Every time we get a new Captain Marvel something- trailer, tv spot, etc.- we get even more excited for the 22nd Marvel Studios MCU film. The one released this morning may be a personal favorite (even though it doesn’t have any of the Nine Inch Nails shirt)- Nick Fury saying Captain Marvel looks like she’s dressed […]

Vibrant and Badass- International ‘Captain Marvel’ Poster

Marvel Studios just released the international poster for their upcoming superhero film Captain Marvel. We love it! It’s big, bright and bold, just like we’re hoping the film is: Our new international poster for #CaptainMarvel⁠ ⁠ #MarvelStudios #CarolDanvers⁠ ⁠ #NickFury⁠ ⁠ #TheKree March 2019 — Asad Ayaz (@asadayaz) February 4, 2019 If you missed it, […]

10 BRAND NEW ‘Captain Marvel’ Character Posters, Including Goose!

We’re 50 days out from the official release of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Captain Marvel film, and that means a whole mess’o posters just got released! We kind of love them, especially since our gal Goose gets yet-another solo poster. Check them out: Pretty exciting, right? We really can’t wait for Captain Marvel to hit theaters on […]

‘Captain Marvel’ Skrulls by Way of Snoop Dogg: Ben Mendelsohn Explains

Ben Mendeslohn is, as we say, a hoot. The Aussie really sinks his teeth into whatever role he’s playing- and we cannot WAIT to see what he does as a Skrull named Talos in the upcoming Marvel Studios’ film Captain Marvel. Even more so after Mendelsohn quoted Snoop Dogg to describe the Skrulls to various outlets during an […]

Goose Gets His Own ‘Captain Marvel’ Poster

We’re three months out from the release of Marvel Studios’ next superhero feature film, which just happens to be the first with a female lead, Captain Marvel. Lobby displays are starting to pop up in theaters, and that means posters are coming too. Like this set of 4 from Trends International; two of Captain Carol […]

Funko Releases ‘Captain Marvel’ Line of Pops, Dorbz, and More!

OH MY GOODNESS, we need ALL these Captain Marvel Funko everything! From Pop Vinyls to keychains and Dorbz, there are just so many Marvel-ous things! Something we noticed though- Carol’s cat has a new name, and we’re pretty sure it’s because Captain Marvel will have no small amount of Top Gun references, especially when paired with her motorcycle, […]

Ben Mendelsohn

Brie Larson is “Absolutely Perfect” as Captain Marvel, Says Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn is having a pretty great run of roles; appearing in the Oscar-winning film Darkest Hour, to a little galactic franchise called Star Wars, a feature film based on a bestselling book directed by Steven Spielberg, and an upcoming installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Aussie played coy when asked about his role in Captain Marvel, namely whether […]

Are We Getting A New Kree-Skrull War In The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS UPDATE)

Semi-spoilers for Moon Girl, Silk, New Avengers and big spoilers for Spider-Woman below… So Moon Girl is trying to hold back one of the changes of this cosmic refresh. Wth those Terrigen Mists continuing to circle the globe, she’s looking to find a way out of being transformed by investigating Kree technology. Because, yes, the Inhumans are all Kree-based […]

When Jessica Drew Threw Up In The Bathroom And Tom Brevoort Forgot

Marvel’s Tom Brevoort continues to answer all sorts of questions coming from all sides on his Tumblr. Here’s the latest. Anonymous: Reading House of M for the first time- is that Veranke posing as Jessica Drew? At the outset, it would have to be. But once we enter into the World of M, not necessarily—the changes […]

More Tell-Tale Footage From Cancelled Avengers Movie Tie-In Videogame

Spoilers for The Avengers will follow. Proceed with all of the caution you personally see fit. In the latest leaked footage from the scrapped Avengers movie videogame, Hulk smash. And Iron Man smash. And Captain America and Thor smash, too just a little bit. And Skrulls get smashed. But where’s Black Widow? Hawkeye? Nick Fury […]