30 Thoughts About 30 Comics – Secret Wars Too To Secret Six Eight…


Doctor Doom in Secret Wars Too knows who the best Fantastic Four writer was. Maybe they’d bring them back if they could persuade a certain bearded man through the door… so never, then.


Ant Man‘s also critiquing the lineup as well. He’s not even in a parody comic to give him some cover….


Can you guess Superman‘s mystery guest star from his mud covered mass, and grunting coloured speech bubble? Probably…


Remember everyone, Spike really is from another century. Give him a little understanding in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As ex-genocidal murderers and rapists go…


World Of Archie Double Digest #54 is far further ahead with Christmas planning. And Veronica is the very definition of high maintenance. But come on now, “holiday gifts”? Does anyone actually say that in real life?

Say Kieron Gillen, can you write in your first comic that comes out after Thought Bubble, what the first track that your special guest star at the party would sing to the audience? I mean, that really would be musical magic.



Thank you Kieron Gillen. Also, Jamie McKelvie, excellent use of black-and-white techniques to take us back to that very first series….

One upon a time, it was intended that Skottie Young would draw Huck. He and Mark Millar even applied for the trademark together. Instead Skottie Young, best known for his kid appeal work would write and draw something far darker, I Hate Fairyland.

While Rafael Albuquerque, best known for his darker horror work, would write the far lighter Huck.huck


Which seems to be “what if Zach Snyder’s Superman was a really nice guy?”


Sonic #278 finds his very own swipe file. And hopefully this isn’t a swipe aimed at Ken Penders…

Star Trek_ GL #5

Green Lantern sitting in Sheldon’s spot, in Star Trek/Green Lantern #5.
Orphan Black Helsinki #1Orphan Black: Helsinki #1 mixes speed lines for bloodlines in this refresh that’s closer to The Killing…
Onyx #3Politeness gets you everywhere in Onyx #3. Look forward for this feature in the next iOS update.
Jem #9

Try reading third and fourth panels of this page from Jem & The Holograms #9 with the Jaws’ theme going through your head for an added aural experience inside a brain…

xthoughts_wrath of the eternal warrior_001In Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #1, the Eternal Warrior is trapped in Hell, with those who just wait for his return. Maybe there’s someone else down there he could have a crossover with?
Godzilla in Hell #5It appears that Godzilla’s breath has frozen over, in Godzilla in Hell #5.

holy-f-cked-3-17But Hercules in Holy F*cked #3 is just the kind of person who could take it all away as well….

Dirk Gently #5 Dirk Gently is looking for an intern with the right skills. He can’t tell you what they are but if you turn up with them, they might be exactly what he needs.

Transformers #47Transformers #47… don’t they, like have an internal thesaurus? Or w-ifi to do a google search? The technical abilities of the most advanced robots still leave a lot to be desired…

F1rst_Hero_V2_4_-12From F1rst_Hero #2, a reminder that guns can be dangerous even without bullets. And there’s nothing Obama can do about it.


Jughead #2 berates the casual viewer. Watch out for Dennis Barger rage any second now.

Tomboy_01-14From “Best Friends” to “Be Free?” Tomboy launches with a rather Morning Glories vibe… even with “Nick”…

xthoughts_bloodshot reborn_008Bloodshot Reborn demonstrates that all you need to do the splits is to be a little… flexible. And red glowy eyes! Magic, Bloodshot’s best lady, has caught a sexually transmitted nanite…

GiantDays_08_panelGiant Days #8 argues the intention and sentience of geological topography. And yes, I agree, hills are definitely doing it on purpose.
Hacktivist_v2_005_panelBlood on your hands does make it a little harder to tap on your iPhone. Hacktivist #5 has the answers…
Lumberjanes_020_panelTeaching a raccoon to dance should be a generally accepted euphemism for wasting your time. Let’s get it on Lumberjanes T-shirts for convention season anyone?

WelcomeBack_003_panelWell, someone likes sequels. Welcome Back #3 kind of makes that acceptance a theme…

As Doomed reaches its last issue, it maintains a feeling of fun frippery in the depths of DC depravity, with this clear parody of Thor speech patterns and the Star Wars prequels. A lost gem this one, but the teenage Doomsday character looks like he’ll remain a part of the DC Universe.


Titans Hunt sees DC You continuity breaking apart with every panel. This is what one might dub a Johns book, as opposed to a DiDio book. Back to the Old Ways.

IMG_0028America can accept a communist Captain America it seems. But a flying werewolf? Maybe after 2020.


And while some comic books eschew male sexual exploitation, Secret Six is happy to sit back, relax and focus the female gaze…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who, tonight, are hosting the launch and signing of Dan Watters & Caspar Wijngaard‘s new and first Image Comics series, Limbo after pitching it at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds last year.


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