Secret Six

"Catman Says Big Hug!" Today Brings The Last Issue Of Secret Six

Wave goodbye to Catman, because today brings us Secret Six #14, which is also the last issue. I mostly enjoyed the return of the series, and was certainly sad to see it go… Here's what writer Gail Simone had to say: "We had a blast doing this series. Huge thanks to the gifted artists who worked on it, especially […]

…And This Is Why I Love Gail Simone… Third Edition

She's smart, an unbelievably talented writer, and she's hilarious. What's better than spending hours on Twitter scrolling through news and how many cups of coffee your friends have had today? Reading the delightful random-ness of Gail Simone… She talks about NSYNC members on waffles…I'd personally prefer some Timberlake, but to each his own. She teases […]

…And This Is Why I Love Gail Simone… Second Edition

Before you ask, the answer is yes…I've had some t-shirts made up that say "Christine Marie Loves Writing About Gail Simone." My list of reasons to love her continues to grow and here are a few of them… She's on point with her political views. She always has great conversations on social media with fans about […]

Gail Simone Takes On Batgirl Of Burnside In Secret Six #11

Thank goodness for social media, because this was lovely news to wake up to this morning. I haven't really shut up about my feelings about how great Gail Simone's Batgirl was, and if you miss it as much as I do, you'll be happy to read the new issue of Secret Six today. Here's what Simone had to say… Now, Secret […]

A Secret Six/Batman Fan Film? Nothing Wrong With That

I've been titled a Gail Simone fangirl in the past, and well, it's a title I wear proudly. The woman is pure genius. Therefore, when she recommends something, or wishes to spread the word, I'm always happy to help. So, when she tweeted about this Secret Six/Batman fan film, I was immediately drawn to it. […]

Gail Simone Has Three Comics Released Today

I don't think there's anything better than Gail Simone having three books release in the same week. It will make my trip to the comic book store extra enjoyable. The books include, Secret Six #10, Clean Room #4, and The Complete Swords of Sorrow Saga. Below you will find some of Simone's enthusiasm which she shared on Twitter… All […]

30 Thoughts About 30 Comics – Secret Wars Too To Secret Six Eight…

Doctor Doom in Secret Wars Too knows who the best Fantastic Four writer was. Maybe they'd bring them back if they could persuade a certain bearded man through the door… so never, then. Ant Man's also critiquing the lineup as well. He's not even in a parody comic to give him some cover…. Can you […]

The Truth About Big Shot In Today's Secret Six (SPOILERS)

I was rather impressed with this tease in a recent issue of Secret Six, regarding the character and seeming-caretaker of team, Damon Wells, Big Shot, a man with a nose for danger… A tendency to swell up in size… And a bit of a flexible face. Well today it all goes official in the new issue […]

A Brand New Secret Six #3 For June

Secret Six by Gail Simone and Ken Lashley is late. Really late. The first issue came out on December 3rd. The second issue was a month late, February 11th. The third issue was then cancelled and resolicited for June. It seems though that it still won't be ready. And so we will get a new […]

The Past And Present Of Catman In Secret Six #2

It feels like way too much time has passed since the release of Secret Six #1, so I was so happy to get my hands on Secret Six #2 this week, from DC Comics, written by Gail Simone, with art by Ken Lashley and Drew Garaci. The mystery continues as to why Catman, Porcelain, Ventriloquist, […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – Secret Six To Darth Vader

Next week, we get the launches of Darth Vader, TNT Mutanimals, Empty, Joe Frankenstein, D4ve, Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special, Princeless Pirate Princess, Cavewoman, Help Us Great Warrior, Legenderry: Red Sonja, Frozen, Harvester, Divinity – and the long awaited Secret Six #2. And in two weeks? Ei8ht, Mutiversity Mastermen,  Monster Motors, Robert Heinelin's Citizen of […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – From Nameless #1 To Secret Six #2

In one week we get launches for The Goon, Rat God, Nameless, Postal, Stray Bullets, Fear Him, Black Vortex Alpha, Ant Man: Prelude, Return of The Living Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective, Cluster, Lady Death Apocalypse, King Jungle Jim, Legenderry Vampirella, Imperium, Grimm Fairy Tales White Queen, as well as the long awaited (and slightly controversial) Darkwing Duck […]

A Comic Show – From Secret Six To Crossed One Hundred

[youtube][/youtube] Aaron Haaland writes, Hey Fandom, I'm back with another fat stack of New Comics Now! It's not a big week, but there's some stand outs. DC leads with Gail Simone's Secret Six #1, which I enjoyed. Catman is back! I'm happy to see Black Alice too, but the other four I could take or […]

Gail Simone And Ken Lashley's Secret Six Launches From DC Comics

Gail Simone is relaunching Secret Six with Ken Lashley from DC Comics in December, announced in the LA Times. We Informed You Of This At A Previous Juncture, of course. When Gail Simone walked off Batgirl, she promised she had another DC project in the works, and this is… well, one of them. The new […]