Dynamite Buys The Atlas Comics Trademark From Jeffrey Stevens

200px-Scorpion-Chaykin1A few folk have been after the Atlas Comics trademark it seems. The second name of the company that would become Marvel Comics. Marvel's founder Martin Goodman revived the name in 1974 after selling Marvel. The line soon folded.

And then in 2002, small press publisher Jeffrey Stevens registered the trademark and had it accepted. In 2010, Marvel tried to get it back and failed. In 2012, Martin's grandson Jason Goodman also tried and failed.

Then, along came Nicky Barrucci, who collects trademarks like some folk collect variant covers, with a long line in revived characters and publishing lines. He learnt from the previous two attempts – and bought the trademark.

What plans Dynamite has for the Atlas Comics trademark… I'm sure we will discover.



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