Dynamite December 2019 Solicitations

James Bond and Dejah Thoris Relaunch in Dynamite’s December 2019 Solicitations

Dynamite launches a new James Bond series by Vita Ayala, Danny Lore and Eric Gapstur, a new Dejah Thoris series by Dan Abnett and Vasco Georgiev and they are putting a lot of attention on Vampirella #6 by Priest and Ergun Gunduz with Artgerm covers… all in their December 2019 solicitations below… VAMPIRELLA #6 CVR […]

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Red Sonja Wants Blood in Upcoming Prime 1 Studios Statue

Red Sonja the She-Devil with a Vengence is here once again to kick ass and take some names. This time with the help of Studio 1, she is getting an amazing statue treatment. Two statues are coming out of Prime 1 Studios, a normal and a deluxe version. First, we have the normal version, it […]

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“The Boys”: Butcher’s Got a Serious Problem with The Seven’s “Collateral Damage” [FINAL TRAILER]

It’s been a long haul, people – but more than worth the wait. Amazon Prime Video‘s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s comic book series The Boys is only days away from sticking a sick superhero three-point landing (premiering Friday, July 26) – and spoiler? You can check out Bleeding Cool’s two-scoops-of-spoilers-filled review of the series premiere here to […]

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Vampirella Fans Have a New Artgerm Bust and Coins to Collect

Vampirella collectors have two really awesome new pieces of memorabilia from Dynamite to track down soon. First, a new Vampi bust based on the Artgerm cover to Vampirella #2. The grey tone and blood running down her chin are amazing. She stands at 7.5 inches tall, and is posed on a base of skulls. It […]

Dynamite Art Contest For Publication in Vampirella #2

Dynamite has announced on the back of their 100,000+ orders for Vampirella #1, that they are running an art contest, with the winner getting their Vampirella-related art published in Vampirella #2. The publisher states; Artists are encouraged to create illustrations (or other visual media!) of Vampirella over the next 10 days to show off your […]

The Boys Sells Out Of Omnibuses Ahead of TV Series - But Is Free Online

The Boys Sells Out Of Omnibuses Ahead of TV Series – But Is Free Online

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that ahead of the Amazon Prime TV adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s The Boys, they have been selling out of their collections. They have sold out of the first six-issue volume collection, the issues originally published by DC Comics until; they got cold feet. They have sold out of […]

Vampirella #1 Will Be Most Successful Vampirella Comic of Modern Era

Vampirella #1 Will Be Most Successful Vampirella Comic of Modern Era

Dynamite Comics is touting the success of their upcoming Vampirella relaunch, written by Christopher Priest with art by Ergun Gunduz. The first issue doesn’t hit stores until July, but in a press release at PreviewsWorld, Dynamite says that current orders are already putting the print run at 60,000 copies, making it the most successful Vampirella […]

Three Comcis Parody Red Sonja This Week - One Of Them Is Red Sonja

Three Comics Parody Red Sonja This Week – and One Of Them is Red Sonja

What with Marvel Comics giving Conan a big push of late, it’s natural that a related comic that they don’t have the US rights to, Red Sonja, would benefit from that push. This week, while Conan pops up in Savage Avengers, a superheroic take on the role of the character, so his paramour Red Sonja […]

‘The Boys’: Making the Move from Comic Book to Screen [VIDEO]

The clock continues ticking down (a little too slowly for our liking, if we’re being completely honest) to the premiere of Amazon Prime Video‘s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s comic book series The Boys on July 26th. Now over the past few weeks, viewers have been treated to introductions to superhero team The Seven as well as anti-supes squad […]

Elvira Spring Special - The Mistress of the Dark Gets Silly in This One-Shot

Elvira Spring Special – The Mistress of the Dark Gets Silly in This One-Shot

The Elvira Spring Special hits shelves this month and is a fun play on the macabre Mistress of the Dark.  With a slew of different writers and artists, this issue packs a whole lot of story for a higher priced tier of $4.99.  It features “Elvira In…Drive-In of the Dead!” and “Elvira In…The Satan 500,” […]

Dynamite Kickstarter For José González Vampirella Statue is Live

Vampirella fans will want to check out this new statue based on the iconic artwork of José González. They are running a Kickstarter to get the statue made right now, featuring tons of awesome backer goals and of course, the statue. It features Vampirella in the 1/6th scale, with a bat perched on her finger, […]

No Lighting, Just Thunder: Thoughts About Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #1

1. I can’t muster up enthusiasm for it. There’s bright spots. It’s certainly a good looking issue. Caspar Winjgaard (Angelic, Limbo), Mary Safro (Drugs & Wires), and Hassan Otsmane-Elaou (Red Sonja, 24 Panels) put in the work to make an attractive, above average superhero story. We host a 12 page preview here. I forget who […]

Mastering the Self-Cooking-Cow in This Red Sonja #1 Preview

This week sees a reboot of Red Sonja by Mark Russell and Mirko Colak. And in a preview of Wednesday’s Red Sonja #1, we learn that Stygia has a new ruler, the Divine Emperor Dragan the Magnificent. And Dragan has some bad news for the former king… He also has designs on conquering Hykrania next, and […]

Dynamite Launches Biggest-Ever Humble Bundle to Benefit CBLDF

Dynamite Entertainment has launched their biggest-ever Humble Bundle to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and celebrate their 15th anniversary. Titled Dynamite Fan Faves & New Hits, the bundle offers more than 330 comics (nearly 10,000 pages) for $15, including work by legendary creators such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith, Mark […]

Red Sonja Making Up Limericks for Series Finale on Wednesday

Tomorrow sees the release of Red Sonja #25, the final issue in this series before Sonja is rebooted under the pen of Mark Russell, the pencil of Mirko Colak, the photoshop brushes of Dearbhla Kelly, and the speech bubble vectors of Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. But first, we get one more issue by Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and […]

Dynamite Launches Comic Book Companion to Video Game Obey Me

Dynamite has announced plans to publish a comic book companion series to the upcoming video game Obey Me in March. Written by the video game’s lead writer Mario Mentasti, with art by Ben Herrera and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres, the book depicts “the adventures of Soul Huntress Vanessa Held and her loyal Hellhound companion Monty, stuck between […]