Black Terror #4 — “So Many More Bodily Fluids Than You Could Ever Want”

(Dynamite Entertainment, creative team: Max Bemis, Ruairi Coleman, Brittany Pezzillo, Taylor Esposito) What is this? With a nonsensical ending and so many more bodily fluids than you could ever want, to call this issue “baffling” would be kind. The Black Terror is a Superman-class extrahuman with swords, so he should be the coolest thing running. […]

Nancy Drew Is Dead and the Hardy Boys Must Work Out Who Killed Her

Nancy Drew Is Dead and the Hardy Boys Must Work Out Who Killed Her

Dynamite Entertainment publish comic books based on the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mysteries, and have been known to cross the streams on occasions. And such is the case with their new series by Anthony Del Col and Joe Eisma, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew. To celebrate Nancy […]

FOC Cover Stories – Jamie McKelvie’s Alienated And More

Ahead of final Order Cut-Off, a number of publishers release new covers, sometimes tiered to orders of other comics or cover to help boost their numbers. And Bleeding Cool collects them all to be browsed through… and we begin with a new cover to Si Spurrier and Chris Wildgoose‘s Alienated #1 by our good friend […]

Dynamite Covers

Exclusive Retailer Covers From Dynamite For March

Smack dab between two holidays, a new edition of Previews is in retailers hands and Dynamite Entertainment has a handful of exclusive retailer cover opportunities for March. Dynamite has really stepped up this past year – not without controversy – for making such covers available, and with the kind of artists and creators who, shall […]

The Bad News, No Fallout Comics from Dynamite, But The Good News...

The Bad News, No Fallout Comics from Dynamite, But The Good News…

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on a tease published on Dynamite’s twitter account. Our theory: the company was planning a new series of comic books based on the video game franchise Fallout, because the image they posted looked like the top of a Nuka Cola bottle, and Dynamite had previously released Fallout trading cards. Well, […]

Dynamite FOC

Dynamite FOC Covers From Meghan Hetrick, Artgerm, Lucio Parrillo and More

Dynamite Entertainment has, in recent months, taken to running a lot of tiered variant covers for Final Order Cut-Off week. Variant covers that retailers can order depending on how many copies of the standard covers they have ordered. And it must make a difference or Dynamite wouldn’t do it – and wouldn’t do it so […]

Clover Press Bags Will Eisner’s The Spirit License For 2020, With New Format

The other day I noticed that Dynamite had pulled all their Will Eisner’s The Spirit comic books from digital service ComiXology. I meant to look into that and now events have caught up with me. Because in February 2020, Clover Press is to publish Will Eisner’s The Spirit comics with a new format and look. […]

Dynamite Teases Big News Coming... Is It a Fallout Comic?

Dynamite Teases Big News Coming… Is It a Fallout Comic?

Dynamite Entertainment has some big news coming, at least, so they teased in a Twitter post on Tuesday. Big news coming… pic.twitter.com/Rz76NSjTMS — Dynamite (@DynamiteComics) November 12, 2019 There’s not much to go on from the photo of the top of a glass soda bottle (or “pop” bottle if you are some kind of uncultured […]