A New Doctor Strange For 2015, When Time Runs Out

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142273-196318-doctor-strange_superSo we know now what Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Doctor Strange in a new movie of that title from Marvel Studios.

Steven Strange was namedropped during Captain America; The Winter Soldier and I understand the movie was greenlit, along with a bunch of other movies the week after Guardians Of The Galaxy landed. That Saturday Night Live sketch was not far of the mark.

But right now there is no Doctor Strange comic book. He’s a member of the Illuminati in New Avengers and a companion of The Punisher in Original Sin. But for the character created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, there is titular series.

Well, one now has a confirmed creative team.

Okay I don’t know who the creative team are, just that there is one. Confirmed and everything. And a team. Rather creative.

I’m told to again expect an April/May launch.

After all, there’s a film…

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