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Marvel Expands its Universe with New Statues from Diamond Select Toys 

Marvel Expands its Universe with New Statues from Diamond Select Toys 

The Marvel Universe has so many characters and stories that it is easy to forget. It is always nice when we get new Marvel characters as collectibles to show off our comic book love. Diamond Select Toy has announced four new Marvel Gallery statue that is ready for your collection. The first one up was […]

Doctor Strange Casts a Spell With New Statue From Sideshow Collectibles

Doctor Strange is ready to come out of his Marvel Comic and onto your shelves with his new Sideshow Collectibles statue. We got to see a small glance of this statue before but now gets a full look at his release. He stands roughly 23″ high, features a cloth cape, and highly detailed. The fabric […]

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness: Who Should Direct?

Doctor Strange:In The Multiverse of Madness lost its director this week. Scott Derrickson, who helmed the first film, stepped away after the age old “creative differences” popped up. It is a shame, he brought some real neat ideas to the first one. Onward and upward as they say. While Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently […]

Doctor Strange #1 [Preview]

Doctor Strange vs. Brain Cancer in Dr. Strange #1 [Preview]

Doctor Strange is Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, but due to a recent story gimmick, he has had the proper use of his hands restored, and now he is also the world’s greatest surgeon, which is as good a reason as any to relaunch the series with a new number one issue. Dr. Strange #1 is in […]

Ghost Rider Takes on Doctor Strange at Marvel in March

Butthurt Ghost Rider Takes Vengeance on Doctor Strange at Marvel in March

Ghost Rider makes it past five issues this March, according to recently revealed solicitations for a select few Marvel titles. And it looks like Johnny Blaze is out for revenge… against Doctor Strange? It seems Johnny is a little butthurt that his old Midnight Sons teammate for not rescuing from Hell all this time. Johnny’s […]

Doctor Strange Annual #1 [Preview]

Trick or Treat with the Halloween-Themed Doctor Strange Annual #1 [Preview]

Doctor Strange Annual #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Tini Howard, Andy McDonald, Triona Farrell, Pronsak Pichetshote, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Sean Parsons, Jose Villarrubia, and Cory Petit. We’ve got a preview below. The comic features two stories, A Hallowed Evening and Treat, with an obvious Halloween theme. It looks like Doctor […]

Will Doctor Strange Let a Child Die in Doctor Strange #19? [Preview]

Will Doctor Strange Let a Child Die in Doctor Strange #19? [Preview]

Doctor Strange #19 will be in stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz, and we’ve got a preview below. The recap page reminds of Doctor Strange’s personal mission… before the preview calls it immediately into question! We begin with a car driving down a dark road on a rainy night […]

Marvel Comics To Launch New Series "Doctor Strange - Surgeon Supreme"

Marvel To Launch New Doctor Strange Series “Surgeon Supreme”

We all know the story now. Doctor Strange was the world’s greatest surgeon, denied his ability when his hands were crushed. He sought mystical healing for his injuries to restore him from the Ancient One. Instead he learnt the skills of sorcery and became the Sorceror Supreme of the Marvel Universe. Created by Steve Ditko […]

Doctor Strange #17

Why You Should Never Make a Deal With Mephisto in Doctor Strange #17 [Preview]

Doctor Strange has really done it this time, as we find in this preview of Doctor Strange #17 by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson. The recap page shows us how Doctor Strange has screwed up royally, shattering reality in an effort to stop an out-of-control Galactus. Cosmic being Eternity is none-too-pleased, appearing to give Strange […]

A Case of Mistaken Identity in Black Cat #3 [Preview]

A Case of Mistaken Identity in Black Cat #3 [Preview]

Black Cat #1 inexplicably sold a buttload of comics, but while that may have more to do with variant covers and other Marvel nonsense, the adventure taking place inside the book itself has actually been pretty entertaining. And as we see in this preview of Black Cat #3, the insanity is only escalating, as the […]