The Return Of Cassandra Cain As Black Bat In Today’s Batwing: Futures End #1… Or Is It?

Posted by September 3, 2014 Comment

Well, folk wondered how long we’d ave to wait until the return of Cassandra Cain in the New 52. Well, we finally have an answer. Five More Years.

Maybe. Because in Batwing: Future End #1, out today, we get a look at the future of Batman Inc. Including a certain Cassandra Cain as Black Bat…


Or is that her?


The costume would indicate so, but the hair colour is different, and there’s a bit more purple, almost as if it were influenced by a certain Stephanie Brown…


Were the colours changed after production? There has been form for that as well, but I’m tol there was no mention of Cass, or Stephanie, in the script…

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