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The Black Bat, Domino Lady And Sherlock Holmes In April From Moonstone

Here are two new books coming out from Moonstone Books in April of 2016. The first up is Guns of the Black Bat #1, a new comic from Ron Fortier Aaron Shaps and Silvestre Szilagyi. Then we have a collected trade of Sherlock Holmes and Domino Lady stories including the two fabled detectives working together. […]

Thirty Thoughts About Thirty Comics – Iron Man, Earth 2, Superior Spider-Man, Bionic Man, Batman/Superman, X-Men Legacy, Batwing, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Fearless Defenders, Detective Comics, Elephantmen, Khan, Spawn, Burn The Orphanage, Happy Kitty, Judge Dredd, The Revenger, Velvet, Carbon Grey, Great Pacific, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Secret Avengers, Think Tank, Doctor Who, Black Bat, Deadworld, Dinosaurs Attack, Transformers And TMNT Shredder (UPDATE)

Like we said earlier today, everyone loves a drone. I'm starting to wonder why all the Iron Men suits still need to be man-shaped though. As subterfuge? To present a human face to mass destruction? Ego? Or maybe just so Superman won't just keep going through you? Oh Lois, what are you, a sitcom character? […]

The Black Bat Like You Have And Haven't Seen Before

By Hannah Means-Shannon The Black Bat #1 isn't officially out until May 8th this week, but Phantom Variants, for one, are already circulating, one of what I would definitively call a "crazy number" of variant covers, totalling 15. This may be a rare occasion, though, when such a number of variants are justified given the […]

Bringing Back Black Bat By Brian Buccelllato

All the Bs! Dynamite are launching their new pulp superhero comic, Black Bat, as an ongoing suoperhero title by The Flash's Brian Buccelllato and Dynamite's Ronan Cliquet, spinning out of the Masks book. Mob lawyer turned to hunt his clients down by night! Cover artists will include J. Scott Campbell, Joe Benitez, Ardian Syaf, Billy […]

NYCC: Brian Buccellatto Writes Black Bat For Dynamite

In another of a series of NYCC announcements, Dynamite is publishing a new pulp relaunch comic of The Black Bat, with DC's writer of The Flash, Brian Bucccellato, entitled Black Bat Detective. The character, also created alongside another famous character in 1939, in Black Bat Detective by Tony Quinn, lost out a bit to the […]