5 Thoughts About 5 Original Sins – Thor & Loki, Mighty Avengers, Deadpool, Daredevil… And Original Sins

So, a fair few Original Sins being committed today…

IMG_20140723_101151727From the new Original Sin #5.2 – Thor & Loki, there's a lot of fighting going on.


Thankfully we have a little blatant foreshadowing to break it up.

In other sins, Doctor Doom's in Original Sins #3 is the most worrisome, but we also have an issue in which a young Inuit discovers a frozen Captain America and…


…there's forgiveness and there's doing that. Daredevil's mother Sister Maggie is far too busy to see her son.

IMG_20140723_102133527Well, she's auditioning for season 3 of that HBO show. I reckon she's bound to get it. She even does a mean line in flashback…


And the Mighty Avengers know a bit about that, revealing a whole other Mighty Avengers. The sin of unoriginality it seems. While in Deadpool


…it seems that the cast haven't seen Fargo yet. That's a really terrible sin, these days, it seems. Renewed or a second season as well, so they'd better catch up soon.

So… what sins have you been undertaking today?

Comics courtesy of Yesteryear Comics, San Diego. Hosting a signing with Sheltered's Johnnie Christmas from 9am to 1pm today and with Jamie Tyndall from 4pm to 7pm.

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