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Swipe File: Mighty Avengers And Google Images

This is  scene from Mighty Avengers #2 by Al Ewing and Greg Land. And this is an image result if you google for "angry old woman" And this image is associated with it…   In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences […]

Who Will Be The Mighty Avengers In Five Months Time? (Spoilers)

Today's Avengers continues the Time Runs Out storyline as it builds up to become Secret Wars. This issue sees Avengers Vs Illuminati Vs Avengers Vs Mighty Avengers. Which means that we also get a sneak peek to see how that last particular team is looking in the near future, still lead by Sam Wilson – […]

Signs Of Secret Wars Across The Marvel Universe, Today

We know that the Marvel Universe is heading to a Secret Wars. But could there already be signs? Let's have a look at today's New Avengers, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099, Nova and Daredevil. Minor spoilers ahead… We have a Battleworld coming, this time rather than being comprised of various […]

A Few Marvel Rumours On The Downlow

A semi-regular source gets in touch, as he often does just before a big comic convention to talk Marvel. He's the guy behind posts like this, this and this. Not everything pans out but there's enough in there to show that it's a guy with some connections, even if they sometimes seem to be at an early stage of […]

Oh, The Inhumanity: Awakening, Uncanny X-Men, Mighty Avengers And A.I.

Marvel has, of late, told us that unlike the days of old, you don't have to buy every crossover issue of an event to understand what's going on. Indeed, in the likes of Civil War, it was better only to read the comic itself and none of the crossovers. But Infinity changed that, with readers […]

Mighty Marvel Spider Spoiler – Monday Trending Topics

I peeked at the script, and was intrigued. But you shouldn't if you don't want a SPOILER. CB Cebulski of Marvel is planning a portfolio review at the Festo Comic Con in Mexico. And Marvel and the show have made a downloadable script of Mighty Avengers #1 available for people to create some sample art to be judged. And […]

Identity Of Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers Accidentally Leaked (SPOILERS)

CB Cebulski of Marvel is planning a portfolio review at the Festo Comic Con in Mexico. And Marvel and the show have made a downloadable script of Mighty Avengers #1 available for people to create some sample art to be judged. And new artists for Marvel discovered! But the script has some issues. One of […]

Who Is The Mysterious Spider-Hero In Mighty Avengers #1?

Mighty Avengers #1 is out today. And we have a mystery figure, one who quickly dons a costume to become Spider-Hero. But who is it? He has a history with Monica Rambeau. A muscle man with a history of saving the world. And can't be seen in the country. And have some kind of power […]

Al Ewing And The Avengers – Then And Now

Once upon a time, Al Ewing tweeted; I'm not going to see Avengers. I don't think I'd feel comfortable with it. That's my choice – others should do or not do as they see fit. — Al Ewing (@Al_Ewing) April 28, 2012   @gdwessel @arthurwyatt Sarah's going to see it tomorrow at the IMAX. I […]

Cover Variance: Jim Lee's Sandman

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is running a retailer membership drive. After announcing DCBS and Things From Another World as their first comic store corporate sponsors, they will be giving exclusive CBLDF variant covers to retailer members who sign up. This includes a variant of Sandman Overture #1 by Jim Lee and a Comics […]

Your Mother's A Tracer

A few days ago, Tom Brevoort tweeted this page from the upcoming Mighty Avengers #1 by Al Ewing and Greg Land. People tweeted back. @tombrevoort Greg Land? No, thanks! :) — Shieldboy (@RCSaraiva) August 14, 2013   August 14, 2013   @tombrevoort My favorite artists are Parlov, Phillips, Cooke, Deodato, Leon, Zircher, Kordey, Aja, Lark […]

Black-Focused Mighty Avengers #1 Heavily Underordered By Comic Retailers?

That's the word coming out from Marvel folks, looking at the numbers coming in from Diamond Comic Distributors. Mighty Avengers #1, the new Avengers title featuring a predominantly black cast, has been heavily under-ordered by comic book retailers in general. Or so they believe. Let's look at the facts. Marvel tried to push the boat […]

A Slightly Unfortunate Cover Choice

The Deadpool variant cover for The Mighty Avengers #1. Featuring a team with a majority black membership, a rarity for such a high profile title. And Deadpool… dressed as a banana, continuing the Dancing Banana meme, But in this context, possibly not the most sensitive cover to be commissioned at Marvel…