A New Monthly Comic For Storm?

610Qik90E2L._SY445_There’s more X-stuff leaking out from last week’s Marvel Retreat.

The big one is word of a new Storm series.

No idea of the creative team, but the last to work on a Storm comic for Marvel were Warren Ellis and Terry Dodson.

UPDATE: No it wasn’t, as was pointed out, there was the Jerome Dickey series too…

As for the previous X-Force books being cancelled for the new title, I’m told that Sam Humphries and Dennis Hopeless have replacement comics from Marvel lined up.

And as Uncanny Avengers does… whatever it’s meant to do with issue fourteen, it will feed into a new Uncanny Avengers annual for February or March. And they have a bit of an A-lister artist joining the book after Steve McNiven finishes his run.
And then, eighteen months after it was first solicited, we may finally get Nemesis Returns.

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