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ComiXology Goes All in on Goliath Girls with Special Edition, Sam Humphries Sale

If there’s one thing we could say is wrong with comics today, it’s probably that there isn’t enough celebration of Sam Humphries. That’s all set to change this week with the release of Humphries and artist Alti Firmansyah’s Goliath Girls #2, debuting on comiXology and Amazon prime in English and Japanese on Wednesday. In addition […]

Hawkman is Indiana Jones and More from DC’s World’s Finest Comics Panel [SDCC]

Words and photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Mike Sangregorio: Saturday saw the DC World’s Finest Panel, moderated by one of the DC All Access hosts and featuring creators Liam Sharpe, Marc Andreyko, Dan Jurgens, Sam Humphries, Robert Venditti, Tom Taylor, Tim Seeley, and Mitch Gerads as panelists. The panel began by congratulating Gerads on his Eisner […]

Nightwing #41 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Nightwing #41 Review: The Judge Receives His Sentencing

An unknown figure visits Guppy in prison, and we flashback to Nightwing narrowly escaping the bomb the Judge has left in the casino. He even saves the person holding the bomb, and he won’t let the Judge get away. Nightwing finds his limousine, and their final confrontation begins. At last, this bizarrely grim story from […]

Nightwing #40 cover by Bernard Chang

Nightwing #40 Review: The Power of the Friendly Squid

Nightwing is at the mercy of the Bludhaven Bay thanks to is last encounter with the Judge. Thankfully, a passing cephalopod offers an opportunity for escape, and, after a brief recovery, Dick finds Lucy. The Judge claimed that she betrayed Nightwing. She tells Dick the current headquarters of the Judge, and our hero launches a […]

Nightwing #39 cover by Phil Jimenez and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Nightwing #39 Review: Judge’s Backstory Becomes Muddled and a Bit Silly

Nightwing has been taken by the Judge. As the Judge chides Nightwing for his continued failures in apprehending him, we are shown the second encounter between the two years ago before Dick Grayson officially became Nightwing. It still would have been preferable we had been given these flashbacks sooner. It does nothing for the story […]

Nightwing #38 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Nightwing #38 Review: Making the Judge a Compelling Villain

The Judge enlists the League of Limousine Assassins for his security, as Nightwing follows his next lead back to Guppy. After that, he calls up Lucy to learn which casino the Judge is holed up inside. She tells him, but it’s locked up like a fortress. As such, Dick Grayson must find a creative way […]

Nightwing #37 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Nightwing #37 Review: First Meetings and Unfinished Business

Bludhaven is in crisis. The casinos are out of operation, and the people are panicking. Among the troubled casino owners is Lucy Weatherton, who is a woman Dick Grayson has crimefighting history with. She used to be Baby Ruthless, and she teamed up with Batman and Robin when the two tracked down the Judge to […]

Nightwing #36 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Nightwing #36 Review: A Vast Improvement on Last Issue

After being shot by Detective Svoboda, Nightwing is wounded and recovering. However, his trail on the Judge is hot, and he is not going to let time go to waste. He begins hitting up the criminal underworld for people who may be able to give him a lead on the Judge. Meanwhile, the Judge himself […]

Nightwing #35 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Nightwing #35 Review: Oddly Mean-Spirited for Nightwing

A man convinces a woman to kill a dealer in a Bludhaven casino, and a gold-plated limousine is running down people in the streets. It’s up to Nightwing to halt these criminals. However, there are some familiar aspects to the first crime, and it may bring Nightwing face-to-face with an old foe. Yeah, this one’s […]

Green Lanterns #32 variant cover by Brandon Peterson

Green Lanterns #32 Review: The Quest For Pancakes

Now that Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are back on Earth and in the present, that means one thing: pancakes. Unfortunately, towering lava monsters have little concern for the daily recommended dose of pancakes, so this quest is diverted while the two Lanterns bring down the creature. Then Simon drags Jessica to a […]

Cover to Batman the Dawnbreaker #1 by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson

Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1 Review: The Darkest Knight

On an alternate Earth, Bruce Wayne faced the death of his parents without fear or anger. He faced it with will instead, and this willpower attracted a Green Lantern Ring, making him the first Green Lantern of Earth. He immediately overrode the Ring to allow him to kill the man who slew his parents. He […]

Green Lanterns #31 Review: The Tragedy Of Volthoom

The final showdown! Simon, Jess, and what is left of the original seven Green Lanterns versus Volthoom, the First Lantern! Who will survive? Who will fall? Will Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz ever make it home? Find out next week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel! Wait, that isn’t right. This issue brings about the ending to […]


Green Lanterns #30 Review: The Battle Against Volthoom Begins

Jessica and Simon have trained the original seven Green Lanterns as much as they can in the time they’ve been allowed, and now it’s time to face Volthoom, the First Lantern. The fate of the Guardians and the rest of the universe hangs in the balance. They don’t know if they’ll ever get home, but […]

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Green Lanterns #29 Review: The Students Become The Masters

Having met the original seven Green Lanterns of the Corps and watched a Kryptonian become overwhelmed and killed by the uninhibited power of the Green Ring, Simon and Jessica have been forced to make the other six their students. There is promise amongst them, but they are unwilling still to help the Guardians against the […]


Manhunter #1 Review: Manhunter Likes Hunting Man

DC continues with their dive into Jack Kirby with a return of Manhunter. Though he is oddly dressed like one of the Manhunters that preceded the Green Lantern Corps of Oa, this is actually the Manhunter known as Paul Kirk, another of Kirby’s creations. This Manhunter is most known for the actions of his clone, […]

Green Lanterns #27 Review: So What Happened To Simon And Jessica?

Having been defeated and cast out by Volthoom, the First Lantern, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are split up and in a place they don’t recognize. Simon’s Ring was destroyed by Volthoom, so Jessica is the only one with power. Her Ring is having a hard time locating her by the star charts. Can the […]

Green Lanterns #26 Review: More History Of Rami And Volthoom

Following the abrupt disappearance of Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz from the Vault of Shadows, we are shown a further history of Volthoom, the First Lantern, and Rami, the rogue Guardian engineer. This is a tale of a budding friendship between the two, the investigation into Volthoom’s past, and the discovery and studying […]